Introducing the Edison Scale© of Inter-generational Knowledge Transfer

The difference between where I am now and where I was yesterday is an interesting path. Mostly because I am a different person now than I was. I have added and learned, I have listened and grown. I have reached out and connected with new people. In doing that I added to me. It seems like a selfish thing to say that you, in adding knowledge about other things added to yourself, but it really is not. The best you, you can be being always the maximum value you can provide.

I am, far from the best me I can provide. I know that because I know when I am at my best. I am not there currently. Will I ever fully achieve that quest? That I don’t know. I have had times in my life when I was at maximum capacity and yet was nowhere near complete. I have had times where I could sit and reflect and well still was not at the best I could be.

Redounding to a crisis we rise to the occasion. But sometimes the crisis is beyond the flood level of our emotional or overall capacity. We, in struggling to reach that goal reach too far and stretch too thin. Knowing that once you snap you still can recover is what experience buys you. The willingness though, to reach beyond where you are, that is the power of youth.

I spent the last few days with people much younger than I am. I often spend time with people younger than me, my children are still in school and preparing to launch so I interact with them. These young people were my peers and I found that interaction to be amazing.

My goal is the development of an inter-generational knowledge capital system that takes into account the value of experience and the value of a great new idea. Experience watches the room and responds to what is looked for. Youth however, looks sometimes for a new path. That is the joy and wonder of youth. The new path.

So I go back to my storehouse and access what I can do. Where can I grow? I believe in knowledge systems. Want to know what random and futuristic thoughts are in my head? Read this blog. I have lived the knowledge transfer lifestyle.

Sharing is risky. Knowledge in many places is power. I have the knowledge, you have to come to me to get it, therefore I have the power. I know how to get things done, experience. But sometimes my experience tells me things can’t be done.

Let’s for a moment go back to the light bulb. Edison famously said I didn’t fail 450 times, I found 450 ways that didn’t work the way I wanted it to. If we consider that 450 to be a spectrum with 0 being don’t waste your time and 451 being Eureka you were right it works where are you? Experience pushes us towards 0, youth pushes us towards 451 but it also at times drags us to 0. Innovators live in the 400’s and wait although they don’t know they are waiting for the moment that tips the scale. How do we build an inter-generational knowledge system that encompasses the joy of 451 with the experience of 0 and arrives at a successful change?


A knowledge capital system has to remove the doubts and risks that cause the lower issues of it can’t be done or it’s too hard to do. Changing the mindset is really hard. Getting information out of heads is even harder, in part because it is hard to do. In part because that is power in many places.

In my book the Syncverse I build a simple model to store information. In my book transitional services, I built a knowledge capture system that moved IP quickly into the knowledge system. Now we need to find a way to balance all of this against the Edison Scale© above. A scale where experience drives us towards it be done, and innovation dreams of doing it.