Remembering those who served, gave their lives and built this nation.

On this day let us begin with a memory. To all the members of my family (and there are many) that served the country over the many years thank you and you are remembered. You are the reason we are here and we remember and thank you.

I would also personally like to remember those whose sweat and dreams built this country where I am fortunate to live and breathe. Thank you to those whose labors built the railroads, the highways and the cities we live in. You as well are remembered this day. Without the labors to make this nation great there would be no nation.

`. My grandfather, Henry Oliver Andersen served in World War 1. My Grandfather Raymond Johnston served on the home front during World War II. He was not in the military but in the Civil Defense. My father served in the military during the Korean War, He was never deployed overseas and mustered out at the end of his term. My father-in-law Leslie Otto Andersen served in the big war. He was in the Navy during WWII and served in Southeast Asia. He was a signal officer on an landing craft.

They are the heroes of this day. Along with all the many others who gave their lives.