So I was asked, what are your top 10 Kickstarter and Indiegogo projects all time. Here you go!

On Thursday May 27, I posted my current Indiegogo and Kickstarter backed projects. A long time reader E-mailed me and said you’ve on your two blogs posted the projects you were backing for a long time. On occasion you’ve also posted reviews of the ones that you use all the time. The reader asked me “what are your top 10 crowd funding projects so far.” Now that got me thinking. There was a time when this reader was my mentee. I think the student has far surpassed the teacher now. What a great question.

My top 10 all-time crowd funding projects.

I am listing them in reverse order of impact. 10 being awesome, and 1 being game changing.

10. 360 Cam from Giroptic: The camera is easily connected to your smart phone and takes amazing 360 degree photos. I love the ability of the camera to also take time lapse photos and ease of switching between video and still pictures. The software is easily understood and used.

9. Smartpoint GT (Model 500): a motion aware mouse that is small, rechargeable and really well done. I love both the software and the gestures you can use with your mouse. It is also a very precise and very small mouse. I use it almost every day!

8. Meeper Bots: I love IoT devices (well technically I love CPS devices they are easier to manage) and Meeper gives you a controllable device that you can build, manage and play with Lego’s as well. I’ve backed both their projects and love the Meepers. It is a great introduction for kids to robotics but frankly it is really simple to build and understand. So it really works well with adults also, not as threatening and intimidating as Arduino and others can be.

7. DOS Owls projector: It is first off an android device. It includes a projector and a battery. Portable and flexible, much smaller than the previous portable projectors and you can connect a keyboard to the system and consume content directly from the Internet (includes Wi-Fi!) or you can connect your computer or other device to the projector and project the traditional way. The device is really small and the projector is pretty good. It is a wonderful easy to use product!

6. Keecker: The only reason Keecker is number 6 is it hasn’t shipped yet. It is however and remains the core of my SCRaaS concept. A portable projector that knows where you are and rolls to you. They call it the world’s first home pod. I call it the first SCRaaS device on the market that adds the capability of follow you. Using an iPad in the kitchen is nice, but having that iPad screen projected in front of you even when you move, priceless. I am super excited about this product and it hasn’t even shipped yet!

5. Bubl Cam: The first 360 camera I backed and just a little bit better than the 360 cam. It has a standard tripod mount and the software is amazing. The image quality of the device is breathtaking and I love taking pictures of my messy office. It doesn’t help me or motivate me to clean it, just fun to have pictures of the mess!

4. Breathometer: software and device attached to your phone that tells you when you’ve had too much to drink. A great idea and one of those got to have devices in your bag. You never know when you are out with friends just how much you had. Now, you can, plug, blow and call a cab!

3. Structure: 3d scanner that connects to your IPad or IPhone. This is an amazing scanner. I use it all the time in evaluating objects. Capturing what they look like on a dimensions makes it easier to evaluate the unit or object without having it in your hands. I use this all the time connected to my iPad. I actually find with the iPad Pro; the structure sensor does better than the hand held 3d scanner from Cubex. More power, more flexible easier to use!

2. Spike from Ike: Laser measurement for your iPhone. Simple and easy to use, this allows you to measure objects near or far using laser measurement. I find myself using this all the time in rearranging the things in my office trying to optimize desk space. I also use it when measuring things for putting in the garage and on the boat. It is a great easy to use tool and the software rocks!

1. Pebble: Don’t care which one you pick. I’ve just backed my third Pebble Campaign. I love my Pebble Time (color) and the functionality the smart watch brings to me. The world of SCRaaS was doubled when the first Pebble shipped. I don’t even consider the Apple Watch or the Samsung in the same category. The Pebble offers so much more, sits proudly on my wrist and is my constant companion. I love being able to change my color watch face whenever the mood strikes me.

So there it is, my list. The top 10 crowd funding products for me. Only 1 (number 6) hasn’t shipped yet. The rest are ones that I use at least weekly if not more often. High impact devices that range from amazing to game changers.


My top 10 Kickstarter and Indiegogo projects!