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So moving into the world of customer service for just a minute, this company does a great job. Blog2Print is the organization and frankly the name tells you their end game. They take your blog (here or anywhere) and make it into a physical book. I have now printed 4 books total and 4 PDF books. All of them are of amazing quality. My only complaint? If you have blogged for a long time (11 years for me) and have thousands of blogs (5400 so far) they don’t really have a good system that supports printing multiple books easily. You have to break it into ranges and print each book. It takes too long for me so I haven’t done it.

I haven’t done my Kickstarter and Indiegogo project blog in a while. I kind of drifted away from those in the past few months. So, without further ado I shall return to them.


1. Pebble Time 2 ok, so this is the third Pebble project I have backed. I backed the very first one (and still have that Pebble on display). I also back them original Time (color!!!!) and now backing the time 2. What can I say about thus team? Great products, well built and I just love the functionality of the smart watch. Smart watches are a huge market now, and Pebble is one of the first (and in my opinion still the best by far!)

2. How do you know that a market exists? When an aftermarket is born. Pal Strap is a great new campaign that extends the functionality of your Pebble. Adding a wrist based GPS and extended battery. It makes the Pebble even more effective as a tool and is my second Kickstarter project I am focused on right now. This one makes the Pebble better and also shows that the market for both the smart watch and the Pebble are growing!!!!!


1. There have been dozens of Universal Translators that have come to the crowdfunding world and most of them have failed to deliver. Pilot is the first I’ve backed in a while (still licking my wounds from the long promised never delivered others). They have a very intriguing concept, use cases and delivery concept. An ear piece that does your translation on the fly. I also like the fact that they included a couple of use cases focused around tourism. If you think about a market rife for improvement it is the world of international travel. I am super excited for this one.

2. The last campaign is a testing device. Qualmeter. It is interesting idea and one I wish I had access to right now, or at the least had access to for say the past 10 years. Know what your cables are outputting and if they are actually functioning as needed. There are so many USB cables on the market and so many of them are crap. It’s frustrating to plug your device into a USB hub that produces 1.5 amps only to find that your cable doesn’t support the required voltage. Or worse only supplies half a charge. Instead of starting your day ready to roll you start the day ready to roll over and scream. I can’t wait to test my cables. Also it allows to test your devices to make sure the cables you have are maximizing your charge time.

My rules are simple; I have to back the projects I review. For me that means that have to catch my eye, to find something and share it, that I am missing. So far of all the campaigns I have listed here on my blog only two haven’t delivered. One went dark almost a year ago, so I am going to write that one off. But of the other roughly 50 campaigns I have shared, 48 have or are in final stages of delivery. There is a risk in Crowdfunding. I have another 14 campaigns I never advertised that frankly haven’t delivered in more than two years. So you do have to accept that there is a risk. But the risk is often well less than the reward!


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