Once more into the SCRaaS breech!

The concept of IoT/CPS and layered integration. There are a number of interesting IoT/CPS solutions out there today. Yesterday I talked about the mobile worker and two products that will change the cellular device. It is about input and it is about screens. I talked about for the 100th time about my concept SCRaaS or the Screen as a Service. Where the screen is an available and consumable service like any cloud service provider is today. You simply connect and if there is a usage change it is per use not per ability to connect.

I also talked a little bit about the changes that people don’t always consider when evaluating the SCRaaS potential. You can actually modify the way you interact with your devices radically. For example you can create notification systems that take advantage of where you are and what device you have. Get a text while driving, ask Siri, Cortana or Google to read it to you. You can even respond via voice and NEVER pick up the cell phone. Yesterday in our neighborhood a young lady literally almost hit as as we were walking, she was busy talking on the cell phone and driving. What about software that tracks how fast you are moving and the activity of the phone, and forces your phone to be off. It is scary to me when you consider danger. As I said, if not for quick thinking and reactions one of my sons and a dog would have been hit.

So a notification system using the SCRaaS devices. Information you reference four or five times a day goes on the 2nd screen (PopSlate). Information that is critical or impacts you right now goes on the smart watch screen. Your cell phone screen locks when the phone is in motion above 9 mph. It isn’t safe to run and text, it also isn’t safe to drive a bike or car, motorcycle or boat and text. But the rest of the time allow the user to interact with email etc on their cellular phone. Push larger display items to a larger display (Nexdock) or Chromecast.

My device, my message and ultimately my delivery. The concept of SCRaaS offers flexibility beyond anyone device. Your smart watch becomes your instant notification system. For example texts. Today I have all my texts go to my Pebble. In the future I would probably reconsider that and reduce the messages to urgent ones. Family always, work only during certain hours and so on. If it isn’t family then put it on the 2nd screen on my phone (PopSlate). The use cases are simple here. Reduce the clutter in front of me. Increase the velocity of some information critical to me. Decrease the rate of information that isn’t as critical to me. Use the 2nd screen to reduce the clutter of my phone when I power on the actual phone. Make it

When the information requires interaction but is larger than is effective on my cellular screen, push it to the Nexdock or other large screen as a service devices. You could using network connected projectors quickly provide screen services in virtually any setting. If you were concerned about the security of anyone grabbing a screen you could add security to the connected screens or force additional login information on the device. Seeing someone hack the giant screens around Times Square, cool once but annoying if every tourist in N.Y.C. posts their pictures to Times Square.

What we gain here is a structured notification system. An ability to interact with devices in a number of structured and managed ways. We begin to reduce the clutter of information that blows up our days. We decide what is screen worthy and what screen it is worthy of.

SCRaaS take control of the screens around you. Take control of the information flow to you. Never miss that important message again, and always know what the weather is when you step outside. Once we move to the reality of SCRaaS, the next step is VR. Imagine for a moment you are on a business trip in another country. Sitting alone in the morning in Japan with your family 12,000 miles away. Connecting your phone to the VR service, you can be there with your family as they wake up for the day. Connected and present while you are far away. A reality that isn’t beyond the horizon.


SCRaaS and VR dreamer