A couple of questions about IoT devices and drivers.…

Two things I always wonder about. First off, when driving what makes you more important than the entire line of cars you cut in front of? Yesterday due to traffic I was forced to cut off about 8 cars and I felt horrible. I actually waved to the car behind me for letting me in. A sign of weakness in DC.

The other thing I wonder about is what is coming in the technology space. First off right now if you want to get funded on Indiegogo and Kickstarter it feels like adding IIoT or IoT to your project will get you the money you are seeking. Everything is now IoT.

Now that presents a wonderful opportunity for a reset. Instead of building IoT frameworks we should build a single device integration framework. A single device management framework. Then regardless of device type, they fit somewhere on those larger frameworks. We could argue that the Internet of Things (or Cyber Physical Systems) could actually be components of a virtual environment. A “virtual” device such as a billing tool. That would add a IIoT (industrial Internet of Things) and now the VIoT (the virtual Internet of things) we could have a lot of fun with this. An ever expanding array of information shared, stored and eventually discarded.

Back to the first theme and the reason for both themes is the reality of nomenclature. First off, there are people (and devices) that consider themselves more important than the rest of us. When driving they are the ones that have no qualms about cutting the rest of us off. They are extremely important. There are devices like that as well. Some are critical devices (medical and other) some are simply the self-appointed most important driver on any particular stretch of road.

How do we balance this? The reason for the question is the number of inputs I have in front of me as I am driving. My first car (a Volkswagen Beetle) had a barely functional AM radio, a gear shift and a speedometer. None of the other gauges worked so you checked everything else by hand. Now my car warns of weather I am driving into. Literally on the screen it says Thunderstorms, heavy rain etc as I drive. It tells me the air temperature and it tells me the traffic on the road ahead. All arrayed so that I can easily see this without taking my eyes off the road.

All of these readouts are connected devices. Not always IoT devices but connected devices. We could rage that the thermometer that tells you what the air temperature is around you, as well as the temperature of your entire are IoT devices. The computer that manages components of your car is an IoT device. Headlights, sunroof are not truly IoT devices.

I shut the many input devices off when my sons are driving. They are learning to drive and I don’t want to overwhelm them with data. They can probably handle it better than I can as they are more used to having lots of data around but the point is when you are learning something it is better to crawl, then walk and later run.

Perhaps we can have a device installed in every car. If you attempt to cut off more than 10 other cars (because you choose too, not because you are forced to by traffic) it pulls your car over and won’t let you in until those cars pass you. A great IoT device and one that I think would make a lot of people happy. Drive agelessly, it pulls you over and makes you wait. If you suffer from road rage, you beat your car up. Then a broken car doesn’t even start at all!