Bad managers use fear, but fear slowly kills the desire to succeed…

Nautical. Marine. Aquatic. Its funny, I have a lot of friends that love boating. They separate boaters into power boating and sailing. But really you can separate it into boaters and non-boaters as well. The separation points of data often produce interesting results. Its not what you hear but who you listen to. Bad managers love fear!

Yesterday I posted an article on what are you afraid of, on LinkedIn. There are things that terrify me or scare me to this day. There are things I have moved past (and they no longer scare me). People will often tell you that they admire people that show no fear. But when you ask that person, the one that showed no fear they tell you they just acted, they were terrified. Sports teams practice plays and moments in a game over and over so that the fear can’t take over. You do things by rote. The same for the military, police,fire and other first responders. Training until it becomes second nature to act a specific way. Choosing to run into a burning building because of trading is a feat of heroism. Standing between a group of people and someone with a gun, simply beyond words.

So back to the original theme, boating and the types of boaters. I bring that up because there are types of people responding to fear as well. Those who freeze and those who act. A third type of person is one who may pause but then act. Those are the people that love boating, and wait for friends to invite them to their boat rather than own their own boat.

It doesn’t make you a better person to act, not act or pause than act. You see over the years I have learned that you react differently to different situations. It is always about keeping a cool head. That ability, to stay calm while others panic helps in situations that engender fear. Sadly the world is filled with those situations. It is as much your ability to address your fear as anything.

Perhaps every political rally should be forced to do 20 minutes of breathing excursuses before and after the politician speaks to reduce the generated fall der al. After all politicians are running to represent us. Right?

When you engender tension you can get results. But the results you get will be bound to the short term. You don’t have long term results based on tension that are violable. First off because you can’t keep the tension going. Secondly because using tension as a motivator means you have to have perfection on the tension causing side. Cracks in the armor of the tension causer become holes very quickly that those under tension use to escape.

I’ve had bosses that I was as afraid of what they were thinking as anything. Not that they were not intelligent, just who they would listen to. They liked to create tension as a working environment. Again it can work for a time.

Fear is the little death. The line is innocent and yet sums up everything. Tension, generates fear. Every time you motivate by tension you create fear. Fear is a little death. Each of us living in fear dies just a little bit.


today is the first day I am not afraid…