Ah media social how to wind around our lives…

Are connected people happier? I was thinking about that yesterday driving to Annapolis Maryland. Are you happier with connection or without? Alone time isn’t good sometimes because I get to think clearly without the world interrupting me.

“Do androids dream of social connections?”

I pondered that as I drove. Does connection make you happier or is it simply another thing you have to do? I am connected via social media with people I hadn’t thought about, talked to in more than 20 years. I remember them as part of the past but we drifted apart as usually happens with those long ago friends. You drive apart. Social media however allows us to remain loosely coupled. Not as tight as we used to be back in the day. But loosely coupled.

So that kind of connection is good, at least in my opinion. To reconnect with people I used to know a long time ago, is nice. It allows me to remember things. To remain connected with the past while still moving forward.

“What social media sites are cows excited about?”

Another thing however that we get from social media is the over connection. I have friends that I see from time to time, but now we are more connected than we were in the past. I have friends that I have never met in person and we are also more connected. In fact the concern I am thinking about is that last form of connection. I have had over the years many work friends that I never met. They lived in other countries or on the opposite side of the US. We didn’t have opportunities to meet and that was ok. We had a work connection and would socialize while waiting for the conference call to start. Or we would on those company wide meetings have a chance to meet in person.

Connection in that way was good. I have friends that started out as co-workers that I now count as dear close friends. So in that piece the connection is good as well. So my original theme rolls back around. Is connection good?

I think it is.

“Does coffee with friends include virtual coffee and virtual friends?”

In fact the more connection you can be between the physical and virtual worlds the happier you will be. Human beings are social animals by nature. Well some of us are. Having more connections is a valuable thing.

The only thing that concerns me in this is the concept of connection to the point of saturation. Where you have so many remote/never met connections that your social media world is overwhelmed with information you have no connection to personally. I would call that saturation, and that is a concern. Balancing the social media (never met but know) with the social media (met, and have known) is the important future skill.

Ah brave new world…