From Car to Geiger, information is produced, consumed and shared…

Is that data I see before me?

Not to turn a literary phrase but the concept of the Internet of Things (CPS) relies on, produces and manipulates data. Be it visual from a security camera or some other form of information that is consumed, produced or modified by the IoT/CPS Device. For example, last week I wrote about connected cars in a couple of places. The link is to a Cloudtweaks article I posted about the reality of teaching someone to drive in the world of cars that do a lot of the work for you.

IoT sensors (radar, lane cameras, front and rear cameras, and parking assist) all remove a component of what used to be expected of drivers. First off for a young driver learning it is so much better for them to learn less than more. But the other side of this is if the automated systems fail do you know how to operate without them?

Embracing the digital world also has other changes to data. For example, people under 30 share a lot more information on the various social platforms than people over 40 do. People under 30 also embrace new platforms quickly. Facebook was where younger people started, now it has become more of where the over 40 crowd hangs out as Snapchat and Tumblr exploded for younger people. The presentation and consumption of data produced by social media and consumed on your device is interesting to me.

First off, what do you share? This blog and my other blog are things I have shared on various social media platforms for a few years now. Before I posted my blogs on LinkedIn and Facebook I averaged 30-40 unique views per blog. Now that number is well over 200. Some blogs exceed 1000 unique views. The difference, the social experiment.

All of this, data. Information. Moving around us, about us and through us. Consumed and discarded, wandering the desert of knowledge seeking a watering hole. It is all there. You can, start at 5 in the morning and consume data all day long and not even get to 1% of the data produced by the sensors in your devices. Let along sensor produced on your way to work, at your place of work or school and your home.

The amount of data is staggering. The transient nature of the majority of that data gives rise to data classification structures. Geiger counter, critical information (if it pegs move quickly to the nearest exit). Seismograph data, critical the moment of an earthquake and also critical for the aftershocks. A week later, interesting but not critical information that we had an earthquake.

It’s the need for intelligence in the IoT/CPS device. The need for the device to understand the nature of the information and data produced. In the path of a tornado, estimates of direction and future path are critical, past direction and path not relevant to the people still in the path. So know and understand who needs the data and why.

The rise of smart devices will make for a number of new categories. First off, as you examine the reality of Transactive Energy every home may eventually become its own Micro grid. Only drawing from the larger power grid when its batteries are low or at night when there is no solar. Micro grids in the home will change the way power moves around the world. The information needed then will be how to modify production so there is just enough power in the system to back up the Micro grids in the case of failure.

Smart devices will learn to sip power through the straw of intelligence. Be on your battery when the power is low. Shut down when you aren’t needed. Truly shut down instead of being a power vampire (appearing to be off while still consuming power).

Smart devices will also know that something isn’t right and therefore it’s time to alert someone about the problem. They will know and understand the nature of connectivity and be able to use/leverage every form of connectivity available within your house, business, car or personal device. They will become grid sensors, able to connect and communicate in numerous ways.

Data, data everywhere and now that it is becoming smarter, useful data!