Hi. My name is Scott. I am about to be a former Best Buy Customer.


What does customer service mean? Four weeks ago our dishwasher started to leak. We called the company they came out and shut the dishwasher off. They said it would have to be replaced. This was preceded by two Saturday technician visits to troubleshoot the dishwasher. So now we have four weeks ago, a dead dishwasher. We bought an extended warranty. So they said it will be replaced. The model we have isn’t made by the company now (its less than a year old) so they had to move us to another brand. Since then two dishwashers have appeared at our house, both bent. Bent dishwashers leak which is one of the problems we have now.

So today I am going to be on the phone with Best Buy. The first thing I am going to tell them is that they are dangerously close to losing a customer forever (one who will post negative reviews on Yelp and with the Better Business Bureau.) I am posting a one star review, something I’ve only done two other times (and one company was all over fixing the problem. The other remains on my never consider working with again list, Noah’s Properties).

I have spent thousands of dollars at Best Buy over the years. I find this appalling lack of customer service (which is the reason we started going to Best Buy in the first place because they didn’t have these customer service issues) to be appalling.

My frustration level is at an all time high. I don’t like dealing with this kind of stuff. First off because it impacts me and my family. Secondly because it just isn’t something that should happen. By the second failed delivery Best Buy should have been on the phone saying it would be fixed in 48 hours or less. As it is they are on the edge of losing a customer forever.

Probably a loud customer, since I am now shouting this from the rooftop.

Sad what the state of customer service is. Empower people to make things right. Don’t make me wait on the phone or worse go to the store to fix this. Make sure I am comfortable, happy and that I have a working dishwasher delivered.

Interesting concept, before loading the dishwasher on the installers truck, let’s check it and make sure we aren’t sending one that is bent. That way we won’t further annoy a customer that is already a month without a dishwasher.

I posted a review of Noah’s Properties a few years ago. They responded with a half-answer saying it was all my fault. One of the things that annoyed us was that during our almost two years, the dishwasher was broken, twice for more than a month each time. Now we have the same problem with Best Buy. It is enough to make you move by a river and say screw the convenience  of a dishwasher.