I am tired of hearing about the generation gap. It really is an information gap and when it leaves the work force it will bite the generation asking about it….

I find the reality of color reviews to be interesting. First that everyone has a different view of what a color team is. Secondly that if you aren’t

careful you end up on the wrong side of the argument.  Oh well. It is a funny thing in the end because people get wrapped around being right and forget that the goal is to produce a good proposal.  When you interpret you end up with a thousand different languages.

That said and moving on I got a great email about generational information gaps. What can we do, what system can we use to reduce that gap? was the question. I wish there was an easy answer. An easy way top solve this problem but sadly there isn’t. In part because people of the previous or older generations don’t always have the share first culture of the younger generation today. This share first culture is an amazing thing and should be encouraged. I can understand however the millennial frustration with the establishment that doesn’t have a native share first attitude. Much of what will be lost in the work force isn’t the millenials fault but they will take the hit.

By the way the person that asked is someone I’ve been mentoring for the past year or so, and of that generation. She has been reading my blog and is a little concerned that we have so much knowledge and a growing gap. Reality is is that gap. No matter what we do in the next 5 years that gap is going to change radically. First off because the amount of information that will be in the system is going to grow. It grows from a sensor and  IoT/CPS perspective every single month. The amount of data pumped into the digital world is astounding. The changes presented by VR and other new forms of digital information capture will add more and more data. I can see the web site of tomorrow, what are you viewing this content on? A TV? A VR System? your Handled? And so on. The video or audio file formatted for the presentation. An amazing amount of data we will produce.

Capture has lagged behind production for a long time. Not capture in the sense of digital information lost, rather capture in the sense  of analog and non-digital information that we are letting slide away. I have 100,000 pictures now (actually much more but you get the idea) the stories that go with those pictures are as important as the pictures. The analog information we lose is what will impact the next generation. Just as the lost analog information impacted the dawn of the early digital information collection age. Yes, I still argue that we are not in the information age. We are near, but not in.

The thing about this wonderful new generation is they have some fantastic ideas about the way the world could work if some of the rules were loosened. They have some wonderful ideas about how people and information should be treated. We are at the their cusp as they enter the work force and look around. The person I am mentoring is much more technologically adept than I am. But the questions she asks are about how things got built and why they were built the way they were built. Good questions but ones that shouldn’t have to be asked. Google the creation of the Internet and you will get the story of Corn. Not the reality of needing to move information quickly. A story of why the web was created.

We need a system that can capture the nuisance of a smile.


Generational Combination Advocate