IoT/CPS devices and the impact on decision making. Or why John Boyd remains right. OODA Loops are the decision tool to use!

Everyday we take, use and evaluate measurements. From the simple like using a measure in the image there on the right to the more complex, having a laser measure an exact space. We use measurements all the time. It is a part of what has become the flash sensation “BIG DATA.”’ Many in the field of data collection or data management prefer that it be actually called data analytics. Big data often is represented as data to large to process. This means virtually anything at any time can become Big Data. Video game consoles represent a window into Big Data. They load massive games that encompass more than a single process can handle in presenting the information tot he user.

’But this is the data of today. 110zB  produced today by IoT/CPS devices. The number of devices managed by IT in the enterprise today is as high as 4 devices per user. That’s four devices that IT has to manage, but maybe not touch. BYOD has added devices tot he IT portfolio. Those devices include tablets, cellular phones and so on. But the iceberg has literally just dropped off the Ross Ice Shelf. This sucker is massive with more (potential 4 times more) IoT/.CPS devices coming per person. While I am not of the belief that the 110zB produced today will increase by 4 times I am convinced it will double and potentially triple over the next 3 years. 

Three times the data we consider Big Data now means what? We change Big Data to HUGE data, Big Data, and Medium Data? As said its about the analytics. Can you capture, evaluate and analyze that data in a timeframe that it remains useful.,

A theft prevention system that only provides video after the theft has occurred  and because people are smart, can never show faces isn’t valuable information. It is too late, and too little. Information has to be timely, and accurate for action.

It becomes a dance. Capture the data we need, analyze and get it to the users that have to act.  The data that is coming is massive. The data we have is already massive. So all these measures will require some thinking.

Thinking that is well beyond my pay grade. But I am never one not to weigh in with thoughts. So here goes, the IoT/CPS revolution is going to change how we function and focus in a data driven world. What we consider critical information won’t change but the timeframe in which we have to have that information to act will. More data provided more quickly results in more good decisions. As a recent John Boyd Convert I can see the impact of IoT/CPS on OODLA looks. Wh3ere you have the concept of Observe (that will be radically changed by more data from sensors and other IoT/CPS devices) impacting the reality of Orient (also further impacted by more IoT/CPS data) resulting in faster decisions and ultimately faster actions.

The image here is of the original OODA loop by John Boyd. The impact that technology has on this and will continue to have is huge. The system is built to make faster good decisions, The other side of the value is the reality of being able to make faster decisions. If you make fast decisions based on good data and its wrong you still have recovery time. Slow bad decisions cause huge problems. So it is not only a true loop (operate and repeat) but one built to improve the overall decision making process. The impact of IoT/CPS realities on OODA loops? None.. The loops work with or without IoT/CPS impact. But the  analytics that can be provided will impact the speed and quality of the overall OODA Loop.

All four components of the OODA loop can be improved with IoT/CPS input. Now we get into one of my favorite problems for the future of IoT/CPS., Data authenticity. This isn’t my idea, it comes from Robert Snyder. It actually came out of a conversation he and I had about video feeds and the legality of a feed.  No one has tried this yet, but legally based on the legal system of the US you should have to provide that the video actually came from a specific camera at a specific time. Traffic cameras and speed cameras provide that information today. All other systems will need to be able to prove their authenticity.

Data analytics will grow into Analytics and Authentication. Within the OODA Loop process we already have the verification and validation steps. This will bring these to the forefront. We will swim in an ocean of information, but will always know the nature of  Jelly Fish swimming below us.


OODA Loop fan…