Has the time finally come? The technology is there.

There is an old adage about a man who lived at the base of a mountain. He wished easy passage to where his children lived on the other side of the mountain. He thought for days about how to move the mountain. What could he do? It was a mountain and he was a man. The mountain had been there millions of years, he had but 70 years on this planet and many of those were gone already.

What could he do?

One day while working in his garden it came to him. The solution to his problem was not to worry about his problem and make it someone else’s problem. So he “found” a nugget of gold in his garden there at the base of the mountain. He quietly went into town and turned his gold in at the assay office. He paid 300 dollars for 20 goal nuggets from a mine in another state. In a month there was a tunnel through the mountain and he could see his children. The answer to his problem, find a way to motivate others to do what you want done. Gold, always works when you want to move mountains!

I have over the years had the fortune of meeting, working for and following some great leaders. I joined Microsoft to work for Bill Gates. He remains a leader that I would follow to this day. His work with his foundation, simply is beyond amazing. He is trying to make the world a better place and all of us better people.

On a Tangential path to leadership there is a question I have to ask. First off, when did presidential campaigns get so chippy? I get that these folks don’t like each other. It comes out every time the Federal Government grinds to a halt and shuts down. But do we have to have it shared with the world, via video stored, recorded and replayed over and over?

My opponent is a good person. He and I differ on the solutions to some issues. I wish to point out only where we differ. In the areas my opponent and I agree, I won’t say anything. Seriously. Nothing.

What about a national election system that has criteria, and rule. Such as, all commercials are limited, you can only campaign for 10 weeks and you CANNOT SPEND YOUR MONEY nor can you TAKE DONATIONS OF ANY FORM. Let’s agree that we all pay .o2% more taxes and that funds elections. Each congressman gets 1 ad. Each senator gets 2. The presidential candidates get 52 (one for each state and the 2 territories).

We could do this. It should not be that hard. To build a system where it was equal. Where we picked people that understood not only the reality of the laws of our nation but also had a broad understanding of world politics.

I know that dream is not to be. Its time now for direct voting. No more congress or senate as the purveyors of law. Instead they can write the laws, but the people vote on them directly. They can then be applied by the legal system equally. Equal rights under the law means we have equal representation in what laws are passed. No more special interests. No more political groups whose agenda is wholly their agenda. Let the people vote.

We the people want a vote. Not to pick who will represent us (or represent the NRA, or big corporations in our district that give money to politicians or other special interests) we the people want a direct vote.


Time has come…