By the numbers, my blog in review…

Like most bloggers and avid posters I watch the stats of my site. I wonder sometimes why there is a reader spike. Or when there is a subscription spike. I consider, ponder and sometimes I make changes to the blog. One of the most requested early additions to my various blogs was adding more pictures. Pictures, help tell the story I was told. When I started the family history project now almost two years ago I started sharing more pictures with my blogs. I often get comments and emails, “enough with this topic, we get it.” But for the most part I write what I want to write.

I do often get requests from long time readers to do more communication patterns and anti-patterns.  On my podcast I get frequent requests for Fred and Ed stories. Fred and Ed stories are those created when I was teaching 30 years ago. I told those stories to the kids after lunch. About a set of twins that were always in trouble and always wreaking havoc. Now, I have real life Fred and Ed living with me so I add some real experience to the new Fred and Ed stories. (those are on my Podcast – 20 or so of them I advocate that people do family and work history projects. This blog is my work history project.

It is funny to me also the shift in readership. I get roughly 100 or so hits per blog from people wandering around looking for a topic. I also have 200 people that get my blogs everyday in the mail (ok 199, one of them is me, so I have an archive of my blog). On average I get roughly 1 comment a month or less. But I average 3 to 4 emails per week from people I know, commenting, correcting and sometimes (rarely) agreeing with my points completely.

I have in the 11 years I’ve been doing this own (2005 was post number 1 on my first blog, 2009 was post number one on this blog) posted more than 5000 blogs and roughly 75 episodes of my podcast. Between this and my other blog posts, a total of well more than 3 million views.

The long pole in the tent or the most popular topics I’ve posted over the years:

Fred and Ed Stories (most popular podcasts with more than 100,000 downloads overall)

Cloud Whisperer blog (which was done nearly 3 years ago and had 12 segments) heavily viewed (800 per day)

Interesting the lowest read overall of my various blogs has been the most requested by my long time readers. My communications patterns blogs tend to only have 100 or so views plus subscribers. I guess it just goes to show that numbers never lie.

Except numbers do lie, because the communication patters posts are the ones most likely to be shared and I can’t track the views and numbers when a blog is shared.

For those that have been reading my blogs for years, you know that when I do a numbers blog I am stuck on a topic and unable to really spit anything else out. So I do numbers blogs. These, by and far are the lowest read of my blog series. The day after I post a numbers blog my numbers go down. I guess there is a lesson there.

By the way if you are considering a blog consider this. It doesn’t matter (to borrow from the Carpenters song) if its good enough for anyone else to read. It is good enough. If you want to write it, write it. There is no reason not to. If people don’t like it, they won’t read it. Just make sure you moderate the comments. Trolls (haters) love to hurt people. Moderated blogs allow you to review and not post hateful comments.


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