I wonder (not aloud) about Quiet…

I won’t on this day when Maryland’s holds it primary elections, bombard or bombast you with my political opinions. I am not a crawl out of the every four year political person. I live and work in the DC area, politics are a way of life here. But what I will say is today, just like every other day is more comprised of bad traffic than great speeches.

The word quit is intriguing. When I was a school teacher I used to have my class see how quietly they could traverse the halls. Not as a demand but as a contest. Last week on the way to music I heard three people whispering. Can we get that down to two? The kids were always good about being as quiet as they could be. Quiet when you are 8 being very different than quiet when you are 30. Now, however when my kids at 18 are quiet, I wonder what they are up to!

We do have places however where quiet is demanded and I wonder about that. First off, libraries. Why quiet? I understand the need to study and read the books, but there should also be great sound proofed halls where the ideas bandied about in the books can be argued, debated and discussed. What once was called a Saloon, intellectuals gathered in a room debating the ideas of the day. But we expect quiet only in libraries.

My classroom, as a teacher and as a computer trainer was never quiet. I know that learning requires some level of interaction and some level of entertainment. If people need quiet I would warn them of the noise so they knew to go elsewhere.

Quiet isn’t required for either teaching or learning. Teacher earn quiet, it shouldn’t be demanded. In fact, if you ask for something you better do it yourself. I worry often about style over substance. If, style is the driver than in the end there is no learning. You have to have substance, the matter that matters the most. 100 small mistakes don’t make a bad learning experience, facts in error make a bad learning experience.

So, quiet really? Today, perhaps a little quieter, a little sadder for the world watches and laughs. Let us instead on this day make a loud raucous noise. Let us open the doors of the Saloon and shout to the world that we understand the insanity that has unfolded and we embrace it. Quiet does little good.

No politics.


political mourner