The rise of Specialized Cameras…

RC or Radio Controlled flying devices have been around for a long time. Additionally you can find any number of devices that also go underwater. I can’t say how excited I am to get my hands on the OPENROV units (Hopefully this fall). You can go up into the air, and down underwater with UAV’s. The cool thing as well is the video that is returned.

Interesting in that the camera is shifting. I find that interesting because of the change in the market and the change in the devices. My father was an avid photographer (I have his film cameras still) who loved taking pictures. Thousands upon thousands of pictures. We canned all of those images in the past three years. Dad’s cameras had a set of features (control light, control exposure feed and control focus) that today’s digital cameras do automatically. They (today’s cameras) also take Video and transferring the video/images is simple. You don’t have to scan anything.

The new age of cameras is cameras that go where people can’t. Flying and underwater drones that show you a world you can’t see on your own. Well you can, but it requires special equipment (Airplane. Submarine or Scuba Gear). With drones you can do this in your pool, local lake or simply flying around your backyard. The reality of the change is the camera included. 4k video shot from above you of your house, your family, anything.

It is the age of the “portable” specialized camera. They aren’t widespread yet but that is changing. Smaller and smaller (the image above is of a larger airborne drone and the original OPENROV product (I had one for a year-they are a blast to have and operate). As more people embark on their UAV journey the reality of the products will be simpler and easier.

That specialized camera is intriguing. What you can do with a camera today is simply amazing. Scary in that you never know now what is a camera and what is simply an office plant.

(I highly recommend the OPENROV products by the way the new one is here on the left).

Now its time to build a pin (wearable IoT) that you can wear that lets you know the presence of cameras. Most of them are plainly insight. (conference room wall etc. or security cameras in the hallway). But it would be nice to know who has their cellular camera on. They (the person with the camera on) may not even know it (you can turn them on remotely without permission).

So many new uses for cameras. I still like my point and shoot but I think other than the fact that I can take it underwater, the days of hand held cameras not in cell phones is slowly passing out of the consumer market.


Specialized Camera Fan