Please sir, can we call it the information age yet sir?

The concept of vision is a simple one, beyond what is seen to what lies ahead. I have had the fortune of over the years hearing visions that lay so far into tomorrow that it was thrilling. A great vision pulls you onto its path, helps you seek that vision.

People throw around the term visionary like it is a paper airplane. Something you can fold, staple once and then send out into the world. Visionaries are people willing to give it all for the vision they have. Not that this is a political rant, but I don’t see a visionary running for president. I see people that follow a vision laid out long ago, or recently but someone else’s vision.

Visions go bad sometimes. Dreams shatter on unseen rocks or they are headed in the wrong direction and suddenly the rest of the Salmon are swimming vertically, and you are the only one swimming horizontally. Sometimes visions are years ahead of their time. Sometimes they are just wrong. But dreamers strive. Dreamers seek the visions. What worries me is that we are at a crossroads. The great age of digital information is coming. No, it is not here yet but it is coming.

Why isn’t it here now?

  • Too much information remains in the heads of people.
  • Too many devices present weak or non-existent security

So this digital age lies there just out of reach – yea we know its there. We can see it there in the mist of the image. But we aren’t there yet. Device security remains a concern. Information in the heads of workers retiring or worse, just keeping everything in password protected PDF files, keeps us away from the golden age of information.

Information trickles into the economy. People, pundits and experts proclaim the digital age is here. People move everything into the digital world and then it is lost. Because first of all there is no system to move everything. Second of all the security isn’t there to support this new paradigm yet.

So the data flows in and right back out.

The information age will dawn one day after the security age dawns. When I can send you a PDF file, meant only for you and only you can use it.


Information age naysayer…