The decline of screens. The rise of the single pane of glass and the Screen as a Service…

Single pane of glass and Command and Control are two aspects of managed computing services that resonate both in an enterprise on premise and cloud solution.

The KPI or score card model of operations gives both the casual user and the IT professional a fast view of enterprise and cloud performance. The problem is getting there in an ever expanding world. What was computing 10 years ago, is slowly fading away. The ability to put something into the cloud, or put something into a cherry grove and then have it communicate back to a central system changes operations.

Power off. The magical solution to so many problems, Except for that system in the corner, you can’t turn that one off because frankly we don’t know what it does and the person that built it retired two years ago. The tongue-in-cheek term for this is server huggers. As we move away from the age of actually touching the servers we have to change not what we operate but how we operate.

That drive to a single pane of glass that offers command and control has been going on for many years. Way before cloud organizations were trying to have that dashboard system. One dashboard for IT professionals and the other for IT Consumers. Yes your email failed, but we’ve delivered 10,000,003 messages today with two failures. It kind of puts any one problem into perspective. Its not the number of problems you have, its really the number of users that don’t have problems.

What of distributed IoT/CPS farms? I’ve been thinking a lot about integrating and controlling the devices that will become commonplace very quickly. First off renewable power supplies will be critical for these devices. Having to hire people whose sole job it is to change the batteries in the 244,561 CPS/IOT devices owned by your company isn’t a good idea. It forces a person to spend a lot of item unscrewing tiny screws, replacing batteries and base don where the sensors normally are, being in uncomfortable situations. The first management aspect of IoT/CPS is the reality of renewable power supplies.

Be it solar, wind or hard wire we will need to make sure the system operates in a way that doesn’t require battery changers.

We need security modules that can be replaces as well. Its expensive to deploy 200,000 CPS devices. Replicable security will reduce the number of times you have to replace the sensors. If, I can simply replace the security modules in the sensors that are exposed then its cheaper than replacing all exposed sensors.

The thing I realized the other day is while the single pane of glass is still the goal, the pane itself changed. I was considering a home automation addition when I realized the single pane of glass I use, and many more people are starting to use is the cellular or smart phone we carry.

A concept I proposed three years ago is coming to fruition. I talked about the concept of the screen-as-a-service. (SCRaaS). The push to a single pane of smart phone glass, makes that idea much more critical. Devices like Keecker, that will allow you to create a shared screen service will suddenly remove the reality of working in an office. You will be able to connect, share, and interact with a person regardless of where you are physically. It is the dawn, as I shared recently of the age of personal presence devices. You smart phone, the single pane of glass that connects you to everything. Your screen now a service you consume when you need more space to read small print Smile.

While the single pane of glass shrinks (monitor down to smart phone screen) the viewing area should be flexible (SCRaaS)!


Screen as a Service advocate…