Why knowledge capture before the fog rolls in, is better than trying to find pebbles in the fog…

Part of the motivation for writing The Syncverse and Transitional Services was to document my DLM process but also to being considering the capturing of information. NPR started a project where they recorded the stories of WWII veterans before they passed away. I actually donated money to help that project at the time because it was an am amazing idea.

Knowledge Capital Systems (everyone hates KM now) are built every day. Google and Bing represent two huge KCS systems. They search and index the WWW and return information. In fact, information retrieval is so much easier with a search engine than it was before. What once was a set of CD’s loaded on a computer can now be searched via your browser. Information presented a logical, consumable fashion. That’s why most of my friends in the “Big Data” field cringe when you use the name Big Data, they point out that it is data analytics that matters.

Focused information meant to inform and ultimately to lead to the right answer. Information as an organizational asset. Bill Gates once said (paraphrased) that it was about getting the right information to the right people in time to make informed decisions. I argued in my book that in fact it was also about intelligently knowing the device you were using and the capabilities of that device.

Today I would even argue that there are modalities of presentation that we are still missing. Traffic information (there is a major accident on the left side of the road 1 mile ahead, show down and move to the right) should cut through whatever your personal device is doing. Same for weather if you are outside (it is going to rain in 8 minutes).

There are also the memories that leave the workforce as well. It worries me with the “personhole” cover being thrown around “the information age has arrived.” If the age is here, it hasn’t exploded yet. It isn’t everywhere it is slowly creeping into vision. If this were a fog, it would be one of the San Francisco slow rolling bay fogs that cover everything, eventually. But like a giant wall you can see it coming. I do see the information age, it is there on the horizon. But it is waiting for us. Waiting for us to figure out that the more information we are able to search the more information we can use.

I think every country in the world needs a data management goal. Just like the great Solar revolution started in Europe where countries announced their overall solar energy production goals we need a memory management goal as well. It will be a production goal (this many more stories captured), a use goal (central system? City Broker?) and finally a reduction goal (10% fewer workers in 2017 took their tacit workplace and other knowledge with them when they retired).

Data exists. Indexing, making data relevant can be done. The problem is data is explicit. All that tacit knowledge remains just out of reach there in the oncoming fog that is the information age. We need a national goal to make sure we don’t lose it in the fog!


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