At the corner of bad choice, stupid choice and wrong choice. Which one do you choose?

I have often wondered about that Robert Frost poem (the path taken). All of us come upon a path in our lives that isn’t traveled. We all sit at the corner of possible, probably and impossible and ponder.

Sometimes the choice is fast. Not the process to get to the point of the decision but the moment where the decision says now. Make me. Choose which way you will go. In as much the choice that binds us not to where we are but where we will be.

Later as we sit back and reflect we remember those choices. We ponder after pondering. Did we choose the correct path. Did in making our choice we consider all aspects of the choice.

I posted recently on Linkedin about starting over each day. Forgetting the moments that are errors and moving on. The same is true for the choices we’ve made. Some are always good. Some are always bad. You can’t live in a box of only good choices. Such a box would become as much a prison and remembering all the bad choices is. You have to move forward with reality. You will make bad choices. You will good choices. The balance is in accepting that.

The realization that you cannot be bound to the choices you’ve made is important. You are not your choices. I know people who I thought were beyond brilliant that made bad choices. People that tripped and fell. You are not your choices.

I would stand under the shade of the tree rather than the middle of the intersection but you get the concept. All choices lead us to where we are now. The compilation of choices drives us to our current place.

Finding the way to move forward without questioning the choices made is so hard. That is why I think everyone should have to be a school teacher for two years or more. Why? Because you learn that failure is an option. That you sometimes fail over and over to produce results. Not everyone picks up a pen and writes like Hemingway. Sometimes we fail. Teaching and the art of education is finding new ways around failure. If someone doesn’t get something its not about throwing that away, its about figuring why they don’t get it.

Its about accepting the choice was wrong and moving on.