Wandering around my two primary (ok three) blog themes of the past few weeks!

What windmill shall I tilt at? I have spent a lot of blog space recently on two big topics, drones and cloud brokers. I am far off the beaten path for one (Broker) and in the middle of the storm for the other (drones).

Once is more of a theoretical windmill (broker) than the other. Brokers have the capabilities and the software just not the market yet. There is a market for drones today and it is growing. The functionality and capabilities of drones ever changing. The same is true for Cloud Brokers but they haven’t caught on formally yet. At least to the depth I suspect they will.

The thing that interests me in these particular wind mills is just how interesting the market is going to be as it evolves. Today there are a number of types of both solutions. I believe (and this Drone Survival guide makes me laugh every time if one of these is overhead it is time to panic, not review what type of drone it is) are continuing to evolve. They present many interesting potential uses that will continue to expand the capabilities. I have and continue to argue that there needs to be some level of Government running the Cloud Brokers. I have listed any number of reasons but the most important reason on both sides is the gain. If we push the City Broker concept there is less risk that having a traditional market broker. A market broker will be driven by cuttings its costs. That means it may play spot market pricing for some of its customers to increase its profitability. The risk there is your data gets spread on a lot more virtual systems than you would normally expect.

Drones however are effectively a market htat will grow without the need for a brokerage. This intrigues me because of the third theme of my recent blogs.

Virtual Reality.

So first off, equipping a Drone with a camera is nothing. 3d cameras (Bubl is a fantastic one, there are others) isn’t hard. VR cameras are coming. So putting a VR camera on a drone isn’t hard. Creating a quick “Country tour of Southern France” via drone also isn’t hard. Making it into a virtual reality tour just takes a few dozen or so passes with the drone over the space.

There are software based virtual tours now. The difference being these would be live. The reason for the dozen or so pre-flights is to ensure the security and flight path of the drone. The VR tour could be conducted live, once you’ve established the safe flight zone.

Pre-9/11 I would have said you could also create VR interactive sessions (you can fly a 777) but those VR sessions could be misused so I suspect the chance of those is slim and none. But there are a number of VR sessions that could be created. Want to be inside an Indycar (I have always wanted to do that). Want to see what the bottom of the Ocean looks like? How about the flaming tour of a volcano. All of these are possible.

So, to go back to my original and then my modified starting point. Drones are maturing and have been a pretty constant theme on my various blogs. City Broker is a concept that I believe needs to become more real. And VR is coming. Oh to live in interesting times!


What’s next!