4 crowd funding projects that make your cellphone into a mobile meeting system…

I haven’t done one of these in a long time so here we go. My current favorite cool tech projects on Indiegogo and Kickstarter. The rules for this are projects I am currently backing.

Both Kickstarter and Indiegogo have changed and evolved recently adding forever funding (campaigns that continue accepting orders through he site forever) and now successful project stores. The world of crowd funding is growing up. The failure rate of projects is still there, but decreasing.

So today we start with Indiegogo projects I am backing.

  1. PopSlate2: Your phone is an Internet of Things (IoT) or Cyber Physical System hub. In being a hub the world has seen a rise in smart watches. Why? To check the IoT data you are getting quickly. PopSlate goes one step further. Adding a battery and a 5 inch LCD screen to the back of your phone so that you can quickly see your IoT/CPS sensor data. Weather, email, texts and news easily and quickly displayed just turning your phone over. Its like having a smart watch on the back of your phone!
  2. Nexdock: Is another phone integration project. It lets you make your phone into a laptop. Here is the intriguing flip for this one, while it works with Android and iOS devices this project was launched and was built for Windows Phone first. It’s the first test of Microsoft’s new unified Windows 10 kernel. Basically for other phones its an HDMI connection (and Bluetooth connection) making your phone into a laptop. It extends the Popslate concept to an even larger screen.

Kickstarter Projects I am backing:

  1. This one let’s you have a 360 degree camera attached to your laptop, desktop and one that goes where you go. It makes ad hoc and video conferencing much more affordable and gives you a much more capable system. 360 degree view is just one step away from virtual reality!!!!
  2. Hot band: so this makes any smart watch into a Dick Tracy wrist communicator. You can talk, use it as a portable speaker phone and combined with the projects I have shared today create a mobile office anywhere you are.
  3. This team brought the Hotwatch previously – a good first attempt at a smart watch and this project looks like a significant improvement on what they had previously!

Overall the projects continue to get interesting and be interesting. I think I am going to create a KS/IG hall of fame on my blog. There are projects that I backed that I use every day now. Pebble is a great example of a project that went from a dream to something I use every day. These projects may be just that as well. The four, combined if they are all fully funded make for potentially game changing Cell phone services.

Meetings, 360 degrees, slides shown locally on a 12 inch screen, speaker phone on your wrist, all connected to your cellular phone. Total weight – 4 pounds. Less than most laptops and given that you would be carrying a lot more hardware with that laptop a really solid set of solutions for the mobile warrior!


Kickstarter and Indiegogo fan