PPD’s the new crowd control devices. No more soccer games that get out of control…

Android once meant something other than a candy obsessed mobile operating system (kit Kat and Jelly bean).

I got a great email yesterday about my blog and then my Linkedin post on personal presence devices. The writer noted that they would have a PPD with yellow lights. That way when their PPD was outside in winter it looked like it was in a field of yellow snow. I said gross to that part. The other question however was interesting. She asked if in fact the PPD craze was just in my imitation. That people have an essential need to socialize.

It is true and to note the two posts were intended as tongue in cheek rather than factual reporting. The original blog is here. You can find the Linkedin post here. My intent was a humorous look at what could be. It was not a peek around the corner what what will be. I did get a lot of comments on the Etiquette section. Several additional comments regarding additional rules of order in an android meeting that were quite funny.

So I will share those – as I said some where hilarious.

  1. In an android meeting is it wrong to shut off the speakers of everyone participating?
  2. Is it wrong to reboot a boring speaker’s PPD? It is wrong to reboot a human speaker, but their PPD kind of enters a gray area don’t you think?
  3. Is it wrong to leave your microphone open on your PPD during bathroom breaks?
  4. Is it wrong to take evasive action in the hallway with your PPD.
  5. If you work on Saturday do you have to turn on your PPD?
  6. What do PPD’s do when no one is using them?

As I said some of them were really funny. The point being that people still need socialization. We need to be around other people. But PPD’s have  a future value as well. Certainly for those who commute large distances today, cutting down the hours wasted in the car is of value.

But PPD’s will exist and will flourish over the next five years. In part because it is a great way to reduce illness. If you are sick, log into your PPD. It is also a great way to stay connected with family. On Sundays remote family members can log into a PPD and be with their family. Albeit remote, but still there. Still part of the banter and jokes. Friends can watch sporting events together from across the world. Social media changed the world of socialization. It allowed us to connect and reconnect with more people. PPD’s extend that so that now we can share time, and direction communication with people. Distance and travel are no longer limits.

  • I wonder if athletic teams will have PPD sections? Perhaps the new rule for soccer and other sports is the Hooligans have to be there via PPD’s that aren’t mobile, are only speakers and microphones (Ok video cameras so they get the stadium POV). Reduce riots and angry fans when their team loses.
  • The same for political rallies. I’ve seen more people kicked out of political rallies in this recent election process than ever before. What are we saying about people in crowds? Go forth my minion robots and share my message. Please don’t come to my rally if you disagree with me. Abraham Lincoln I suspect would have loved that rule. No more hecklers from the other side. Just a sea of PPD’s all smiling as you speak.
  • Class please mute your PPD speakers as the lecture begins.
  • All PPD’s must have their speakers off to enter the City Counsel Meeting.
  • Groom PPD’s on the left, bride PPD’s on the right. Make sure you don’t sit the groom’s uncles near the bride’s aunts. There was a PPD fight at the rehearsal dinner.
  • Where do PPD’s put food? I mean you have to pretend to eat if you are attending a social event.
  • One of the cool things in Europe is the racks of rental bikes. Imagine racks of PPD’s just there for you to rent, log into and tour the city. PPD world tours presents “a rolling tour of St. Petersburg.”

Ah brave new world to have PPD’s such as this in it.


PPD Futurist…