What can I do with open speaker jacks in my house?

The previous owner of our house wired it for a speakers in virtually every room on the first two levels. When I bought the house I thought that was a great idea. It is wired for cable/Satellite in every room as well as Ethernet and speakers. Except in-between when that was done (in the early 2000’s) and now, the world changed. Wireless speakers are now the future. Easier to mount (or not mount). Easier to install and easier to create zones of music or combine them all into one system.

Whole home music is much easier with wireless speakers. Integrating all of that into a home automation project is also much easier. Now all I have to do is come up with a creative way to cover all the speaker wire holes in my walls.

That got me thinking about sound and how you move within sound. VR, when simply the visual component is powerful. When you add directional sound (5 in 1 or better in terms of speakers surrounding you) it may be even better. I don’t have a VR headset that incorporates the wireless sound system. Those are coming I am quite sure but for now that is a dream. What will the future of VR be like when you can integrate an audio and VR system into a single unified presentation.

I have a good friend who says the danger of always looking ahead is you are always wondering what may yet be instead of savoring what is. I do understand that. It is the risk you take. When you look ahead you wonder. I can’t help it I’ve been peering over the fence of technology tomorrow like Kilroy for many years. The cutting edge has gotten me a few times. I spent 1000’s on automation with X-10 only to fall prey to the fatal flaw. At some point in my automation I had two issues.

  1. I was using something that other people weren’t willing to learn.
  2. My system had become a Token Ring Network, if you added one more device the system would beacon and begin to kick nodes off.

Automation was a primary to secondary relationship. The primary drives the secondary devices. You can, depending on the processing power of the primary have many secondary systems. With X-10 the parity was a computer that you used for other things and a serial interface that ultimately had bandwidth limits. With the newer automation systems you now have the ability to leverage protocols that are in the Wi-Fi bandwidth range and therefore give you more bandwidth.

You can also, thanks to the explosion of CPS devices (IoT) push processing to other locations beyond your primary hub. This allows for intelligence at gathering points as well as your hub, while removing processing of that intelligence from the hub. You can process systems and data remotely and bring that back to the central hub as more consumable information.

Automation becomes simplification. You not longer have a Token Ring one device away from beaconing. You have a network that can be expanded (or contracted) as the need arises.

So I am back to my original problem. What is a creative solution to using speaker wires and the wall casings in my house? They are too small for hanging flower pots!