Will androids cry when Personal Presence Devices are destroyed?

Drone season is upon us. I should probably share the videos I take with the drone but no one really wants to see my clean (or dirty) gutters. When we are out on the boat I will share some of the drone videos we take of the Chesapeake Bay and the various river locations we travel to/around. But drone season is interesting.

Once upon a time the sky was filled with birds. Then planes and helicopters and finally various personal flying devices (hang gliders, and so on) began to fill the sky. I wonder when there will be more drones in the air than birds (if ever). The future of drones is already in play. Today police and military use robots/drones to check on mysterious packages and to go into locations that aren’t safe. The uses of drones continue to expand. Equip a drone with a VR camera and you can create customized VR games right in the players back yard.

That does bring up an image. “What does your back yard look like?” The question asked, the answer a simple “Here put on the VR goggles and I will show you.” No longer do children play in the backyards on Mulberry lane, they don VR goggles and play indoors. Mom is happier, she doesn’t have to invest in 200 different GPS and Bluetooth chips to always know where the kids are. They are inside playing outside. What is outside after all but a representation of reality. Move it to the virtual world and it is so much easier to manage. Virtual bees don’t sting and a virtual spider may scare you, but it can’t bite you.

As virtual presence devices become more wide spread there are less people on the roads communizing. Or you can commute and be in the office at the same time. Your self driving car allowing you to interact with your Personal Presence device while the car drives you to work. A remake of the movie Ferris Mueller now having a blank screen on the ill Ferris’ personal presence device (PPD). There is no more attending school live anyway. You may get germs if you leave the house. Your PPD will take care of everything! Why get exposed to physical presence when you PPD device allows you to be there safely.

I am opening up a new business. The time-share PPD service. Yes that’s right you can work in Barcelona and live in Albuquerque. You can ski the Alps from Mt. Pilfer New Jersey. Plus if you crash there is no need for a doctor, just a reboot! If you still want to experience travel, fly you PPD drone there first. Then swap out for a PPD skiing device. Want to see the depths of the ocean? Use a PPD diving device. Why risk running out of air when you can be comfortable in your PJ’s while your PPD device handles the journey.

It makes you wonder as you think about the coming days. When everyone can do extreme sports via the PPD. But no one ever leaves their house. Two PPDs that are arguing? you can tell you know, one screen is blank and the microphone is shut off. The other has a red screen as the background and the speakers are blaring. Talk to the virtual hand because the virtual face isn’t listening.

Do androids mourn when PPD devices are killed? Will, eventually we have funerals and services for PPD devices? People’s PPD devices gathering to say goodbye to a PPD now gone. Only to have the lost PPD suddenly appear, “I forgot to charge last night” the speakers announcing as the joyous celebration of life begins.

Sometimes I look into the sky and wonder what may yet come. will the world of virtual reality and virtual presence replace the germ filled world we live in?

The question I guess we have to ask, do we fragile humans need to actually interact with other humans or can we replace human interaction with PPD’s and Drones?


I wonder….

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