Why are there so many types of connections? Seriously…

I’ve complained before about the reality of connections. There are many different types and styles of connections on the market today. Between HDMI, Apple Lightening and three distinct types of USB cables I have amassed a collection of cables over the years that well is a mass for lack of a better description.

I would like one cable to rule them all.

(and then in my briefcase bind them!)

I do understand why different vendors have different cables. It is a way to separate yourselves and to control the variables of the cabling. But still, do we need this many?

For the past two years I have thought about and redesigned a connection box. It would take a simple concept of different connections and make it available. You would need two types of connections to this particular device. Wireless and wired. It would then have connections for everything. From S-VHS to HDMI, composite video and all three types of USB connections. It should even create a connection environment for multiple connections as well. This hub would allow you to connect audio and video devices to both your television, your wireless speakers and your computer.

The problem is going to be the software that this device has to have. It will need to up scale video. It will need to read the pins within each of the connection types so that all content is moved. I have thought as I said about putting this device on Kickstarter but frankly the engineering piece is pretty tough.

So why do I care? Well first off over the years I have collected a number of solutions. It would need a wired and wireless connection so you can integrate multiple devise using the multiple connection device. The software and onboard processor would need to be smart enough to understand the connection.

Like I said, a fairly large engineering effort. But you could add so much to this box. It could handle home automation translation as well (Zigbe to Zwave). The question I have in thinking through this is reality of building such a box and what is the market. How many people still have multiple audio sources? How many people (probably more here) have multiple USB connections and USB connection types?

I guess the reason I haven’t started is the reality of the engineering and the fear that it is only my problem. Innovation isn’t as easy as just hitting the ground running.