What was in the pills?

I don’t remember the first time I thought it. Maybe I always thought it, just never vocalized it. So the first time isn’t relevant. It happened at some point that I started wondering. I would love to say it was on the third anniversary of world terrorism day. The last time there was a global act of terrorism. A horrific event toppling the tallest building in the world. Not imploding like the world trade center buildings did, but toppling the building taking out ¼ of the city. A horrible day that resulted in global horror. People aghast at what one group did. It was about a month after that they appeared.

Genetic pain killers. Designed to remove your pain. Specifically genetically modified drugs that were made just for you. They removed your pain. People flocked to the clinics that were set-up in every country. They removed all your pain. No matter the pain was they removed it. People started taking them and governments started buying them for everyone.

I think I started wondering about two years after they appeared. What is in those pills. Terrorism and murder continued for the first six months as everyone got their pills. Then suddenly they stopped. The world stopped killing each other.

By the second anniversary of world terrorism day murders didn’t happen. Political discourse meant you went to a bar and your argued with others who disagreed with you. You didn’t kill them, or in hearing their arguments have a desire to blow up a building or to destroy ancient temples. You just smiled, shook their hands and bought them a beer, unless their religion prohibited alcohol, then you bought them a water with lemon or tea.

What is in those pills?

Violence stopped. People stopped being angry. The pain they felt in walking or running, standing up or simply aging went away. TV was better, there were no ads now with pain killers, and drugs to help you with the pain of Arthritis and many other diseases. People weren’t in pain anymore.

But what was in those pills? At first sitting through the first two world terrorism day I didn’t think anything of it. The world matured. But it matured very quickly. Too fast I think. So I started wondering. Asking myself if it was the pills or if humanity had grown up.

Initially my research was useless. The pills didn’t have a ineage. They didn’t just appear but it seemed they did. As I wandered past that 3rd world terrorism day (we have to remind the future of what happened in the past) I wondered.

That was when they started talking about blockers. What they told us a blocker was at first was someone that couldn’t receive the genetic pain killers. The ones they had released. The pills that we took because it stoped the pain.

We were to be on the lookout for people that still experienced pain, so that we could help them. We did turning them in so they could get new versions of the drug.

to be continued…


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