The 5 highest impact technologies, right now!

I am a huge fan of the book “There are 5 people you meet in heaven. I also am a fan of the movie.” I like the style and format so I am going to borrow it and apply it to technology. There are 5 technologies you have to have around you in order to be safe, happy and ultimately move on to the next phase.

The first one is car safety in particular the car radar that tells you if there is a car behind you in the lane you want to move into. This safety feature will reduce accidents. Just this one simple car technology will reduce a large number of accidents.

The second technology is also car related as it is the new auto stopping of your auto. Auto brake reduces the risk of a delayed reaction and stops your car in situations that you may not react fast enough. This one also will reduce the number of accidents although it may increase the number of non-auto stop autos slamming into the rear of cars that auto-stop.

Number three in my list of technologies you have to have is the wireless speaker system. Personally I am hooked on Sonos. I have indoor, outdoor and speaker throughout the house. I can very quickly from a single application launch music throughout my house. The Amazon echo is a close second (voice control is simply amazing). The two rooms that don’t have Sonos speakers today have Amazon Echo speakers.

Number 4 is a smart phone. Seems like everyone has one. They don’t, it makes me sad that political candidates run around talking about ways to improve the world and miss the easy one. Remove the cost of smart phones so there is no barrier to having one.  If everyone has a smart phone than it makes things a lot easier (and by adding a block chip, stealing someone’s smart phone would render the phone useless). If everyone has a legal personal smart phone, then you can put a chip in all burner phones and shut them off when needed. Why would someone doing the right things need a burner phone?

Number five, the last technology everyone needs to have is a photo scanner. I would have said 10 other technologies over the past 10 years. But frankly having completed a family history project removing all of the printed pictures and slides in our house, having a good scanner is critical. Buy one and share it amongst family members. Get, got it, use it. Scan those pictures and slides before they are lost forever. Put them on a hard drive and in the cloud. So number five the last technology is a scanner.

This list changes virtually every quarter. There are new technologies that rise on your way to becoming a better you. Technology is a tool that we can leverage to improve our lives, ourselves and ultimately improve the world around us.


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