What would you risk your life to save?

I have a dear friend who loves to talk about what if scenarios. Over the years he has had a number of go-to scenarios and they always make me think. For years he started off talks with what personal items would you pack on a four year mission to Mars. Lately, or at least the last talk he gave that I attended he was asking what would you carry out of a burning building.

First of all, rational thought disappears as you evacuate a burning building. Fire professionals, first responders are trained the rest of us are reacting to the fire. So rational thought doesn’t always occur. In that moment you have to make sure your family is out of the house or your co-workers are out of the office building. Anything else at that point is frankly gravy.

It isn’t just fires. It could be tornadoes, hurricanes, earthquakes, mud slides or even flooding and super storms that removes your house or home. What in the end would you need to start over.

What items cannot be replaced? My friend asked the question what would you run back into your burning house to save. I said my family, children, wife and dogs. He asked me on the call if there wasn’t anything else I would risk my life for. He asked what about that family history project you are always talking about would you run back in to rescue all that work? No I answered. I know that wasn’t the answer he was looking for. He was trying to setup DR as a critical piece not just of our business lives but of our lives in general. But he forgot that he got the DR bug from me 10 years ago.

Everything is backed up. They are all digital and all in the cloud. Two clouds in fact so that effectively there is no way for me to lose them without a much larger disaster than a fire.

If my wife, children and dogs were safely out of the house there is nothing I would run back in for. The rest is already out of the house. Yes it would horrible to lose some of the art work we have in the house. The chairs that are conformed and comfortable. The quilts my mother made but in the end there is nothing we couldn’t eventually replace. So what would you run into a burning building to save?

Figure out what you cannot lose and make sure you back-it-up NOW! Get the things out of your house that would make you act les than rational in a moment of crisis. That way when the time comes that bad things happen, all you lose is carpeting, walls and some artwork. Artwork is beautiful and seeing it burn is sad. Hugging your children safely outside and petting your dog as you watch your home disappear is priceless.



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