The concert I hear, the concert I see. Is the marriage of VR and Music coming?

I love music. As much as I love water. One of the cool automation projects that I have been playing with is the Amazon Fire speaker. (I also enjoy the Fire TV). Its fun to be able to select and play music by simply asking. It is a subtle mix of the consumer amazon and the enterprise amazon (using their cloud for music and steaming).

That got me thinking. I spent a lot of time converting my CD’s to MP3’s over the years. But I hardly ever listen to MP3’s (I do lately because Alexi will play them if they are in my Amazon cloud drive). I only play records on rare occasions now, even though I own four turntables (two are connected to computers to convert LP’s into MP3’s). The thinking is what is next for music?

What lies ahead for music? Virtual Reality is a game changer for computing and how we interact with each other and the world around us. What does virtual music look like? Can VR and Music meet to create an audio visual experience that immerse the listener in the music? There have many scientific studies on the impact of both color and sound. What about the impact of images, color and sound brought together into a single unfired presentation?

It would change playback radically. It would also let artists expand to the emotions of the music and the visuals the spark that emotional response. Is that the future for music? I wonder about that as a platform and direction.

Music is also personal. Something we use to convey mood and attitude. There are certain songs that when they come on my Sirius Radio I pump up the Jam and sing along. Songs that remind me of people and moments. Similar to what I talked about a moment ago. But different in that it is bound to me. So is that possible as the next step for music? Instead of the artist created VR, or perhaps as an option for me, is my personal VR that some songs create.

VR gives us the option of a personal concert. Neil Young sitting in my office playing Old Man just for me. Or singing Heart of Gold or Transformer. Ok now I would love that. First a player that was capable of that one on one experience and then of course the code that would let me do that. Amazing at least it is to me. I wonder if that is a direction that will happen.

The reality of recorded music is quite impressive now. The library of music people can have is massive. I have more than 500 CD’s and probably 300 LP’s still that haven’t been converted. Most of the CD’s are ripped to my iTunes or MP3 storage folder on Amazon. But the LP’s are for the most part not converted. It takes time to convert them that I do not have. I suspect like my family history project scanning all our old pictures, I should just do the LP conversion before it is too late.

What is the future of music?


Future Music direction wonderer….