I smell smoke. See what happens next…


My wife spends a tremendous amount of her day in the car or running around a specific place. There isn’t time to stop and change a phone. So I got her an extended life battery for her iPhone. Wow. What a mistake. I was looking for smaller and easier for her to carry. I usually carry the larger Morphine or other cases that are excellent.

First off, we hear about the danger of Li-On batteries all the time. Planes catch on fire, batteries catch on fire. Batteries get too hot. But this is first hand an example of what can happen. Luckily she was changing the device in her office when it started to SMOKE! A word of warning to anyone carrying this brand of batteries.


This is the actual USB plug from the device itself. Well you will have to take my word that it is the actual USB plug. It looks like something a dog got ahold of, or something that was burned in a fire place.

It could have a lot worse. Charging in her office she smelled smoke. Luckily my sons were home, found the smoking gun (so to speak) and removed the charger. In removing the charger it also removed this the USB connection of the actual battery.

Had this happened while it was in her purse there would have been a fire or worse. So thanks for small blessings.

Over the years of using many different kinds of battery cases I have learned a few lessons.


1. get the best case you can afford.

2. Now I would say don’t get the brand in the photo. It looks nice but, well it no longer looks nice with that big burned hole in the left corner.

3. Get one that has what you need as far as power. I usually end up charging my phone every day because I live on it during the day. So I need a battery that supports the amount of use I have.

Overall I am truly glad this wasn’t worse. You hear about airplanes and other transportation system fires caused by the transportation of Li-On batteries. The USPS regulates the shipping of the batteries because of the fire danger as does UPS, DHL, FedEx and every other shipping company.

Perhaps now we should have rules or regulations as to the quality of the battery required.

Shame on me for going cheap.


Frustrated former extended life battery owner.