What lies just ahead and why you have to be careful in what you choose!

To pause, just for a moment. To stop and looking around wonder what will be. Over the horizon, beyond the simple picture what can you see?

When we inquire or ask questions we begin to shape not only our thinking but also the very thoughts we have. We evaluate the pieces that lie around us and consider what could be. What may yet be given conditions and variables.

So as we embark on a journey that takes to where we may be someday, what should we pack? Well for many IT shops and in particular consulting companies you need to pack the what’s possible question. Consulting companies have offerings, and frankly they the most profit on offerings. But the offerings have to fit what is needed. Shoe horning solutions around new problems isn’t always the best use of offerings.

No limits or Know Limits presents an interesting problem. I remember once being told be careful when you have a hammer not everything is a nail. Not everything fits into that square hole. You have to make sure you have flexibility as you consider where you are and what problem you are considering. The end game of IP is value. The reality of IP solutions are people modifying them to fit scenarios that may require well, a long look first.

One of the things I see is Cloud Broker offerings from a number of companies. I find it sad. Its why three months ago I started talking about the concept of Cities, counties or some regional government offering cloud broker services. A city government has vested interest in providing cloud services. Companies that are both providers and brokers have vested interests. Companies that are only brokers are interesting, but the value proposition is less.

Cloud brokers are coming. You can see them there, just beyond the clouds at the edge of this image to the left. Just there, just over the edge. But how they appear and who offers them may change how we move to the next level of cloud computing. Brokers are coming. But who offers the broker remains the issue.

The simple answer is cloud brokers cannot be cloud providers. That however creates a separate problem. The smartest people about cloud, live in the Cloud Provider Service space. Except, if we move that to a standard government offering. First off, I am not a fan of big government. But in this case I am less fan of a Systems integrator offering a custom solution for organizations as a Cloud Broker. The SI has vested interest and probably offers cloud services themselves. It is a way to embed themselves into an organization like a tick. Getting them out, will be painful at best.

#Mysmartcity would give everyone equal footing with brokers. It would also allow the city to reduce tax requirements, gaining revenue off the broker model. By the way, companies that are large and frequently buy cloud services would pay more to the city than people who only buy cloud once or twice a year (cloud storage or cloud backup).

Just over the horizon is the concept of a cloud broker. Pay careful attention to who is offering to broker clouds for you. Make sure you understand what they get out of this offering. It is really hard to burn out a tick that is embedded below your skin.


#mysmartcity dreamer