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I started my IT career on a helpdesk. I can honestly say based on that, its not my network. There are many things that go wrong with computers. The problem is the reduction of variables. So I understand that while it isn’t my network all problems connection to the internet start with the network. It makes sense, its just frustrating. Frankly in the modern age of technology it might be better to assume it’s the actual physical wireless card.

The helpdesk taught me a couple of things that I have applied to the rest of my career. First off if you ask me for help and I am able to help, it become sour problem. It is a customer service process you have to follow. When I feel like I am waiting for you to solve my problem I get more frustrated. When it is our problem I am more likely to be patient and wait for you to help.

So I have a couple of issues I am working right now. Partially because I just don’t have the time needed to resolve the issue. Partially because the mode of fixing the problems is different now than what I learned. So its both a learning, time and application process.

As a Windows 10 user, it would be nice if Microsoft had a downloadable USB repair disk available. How hard is it to create an image I can using an easy tool create the bootable version of Windows 10 on the USB key that has the tools needed to repair Windows 10? System File Checker (SFC) and DISM (not sure what the carom means on that one). So that I can boot and solve the one problem quickly. Why isn’t that on the public web site?

I have a really good friend that used to be an escalation engineer. We (he and I) had a problem at a customer. I worked with the customer trying to fix every problem I could while he worked on frankly the hardest problem by far. He knew what I could do, and I knew he knew a lot more about the overall problem we were facing than I did. Together we were able to solve that problem for the customer. We ended up becoming friends out of that experience.

So solving problems is about building a connection. It isn’t about providing the right technical answer in the shortest possible time. That’s a good goal but trust in the long run is more important.

It isn’t my network. It isn’t my router. Help me figure out why one device cannot connect and 10 can. Restarting my router isn’t the answer, ever. Trust me. The only time I need to restart my router is when both wired and wireless devices can’t see the router. Spend the 30 seconds to figure out what I know first, you will have a much better support call going forward.


Reformed Technical Support Person