If all cars are connected, only criminals and eccentrics drive disconnected cars :-).

I have been talking a lot about sensors (CPS and IoT) for the past few months. It is a very interesting conversation for now. But there are things I think going forward are going to be more interesting. So today I would like to talk about sensors that will be in cars in just a few years.

So let’s establish the “now” of car sensors.

  • Car phone system (includes inbound and outbound data traffic)
  • Internal car temperature and external temperature (environment)
  • Car component temperature (safety)
  • Tire pressure
  • Radar (front and rear)
  • cameras (front and rear)
  • more

So what is coming or more important what is missing. Car Radar is the collision protection system. The cameras are used to keep in your lane. There are a number of other connected safety systems that will expand over the next couple of years.

Biometric locks? Today cars can be stolen fairly easily and frankly quickly. But more and more systems are integrated in the car that will reduce the ability of thieves to steal cars. The easy ones are the onboard protection systems (basically a cellular connection). That connection allows the car manufacturer to track the car. I wonder, long term if that like cameras and other sensors will reduce crime? Or reduce the cars criminals drive? (you can’t drive a new car to rob a bank because the police can track you).

Wouldn’t it be funny if the police captured a group of bank robbers because their older panel van had engine trouble while they were in the bank?

When all cars have sensors and can be tracked, only criminals and eccentrics drive cars that aren’t.


Back to what sensors will be.

Home sensors are available today (car knows its home). But going forward if you have a car system that offers wi-fi in the car, why wouldn’t you add that capability to your home wi-fi system when the car is in the driveway?

Sing along sensor, when I start singing, remember that song!

Route awareness (you get that with traffic today) but now let’s build in some intelligence. Predictive route analysis is one that watches traffic patterns on your route. It pays attention to the optimal times for you to be traveling and notifies you.

There are so many more things to come. Eventually everyone will be driving Kit. (the Knight Rider car!). Your car arguing with you about the driving choices you’ve made!