Attribution, the rule that drives copyrights.

First off – got an email notifying me yesterday that we had potentially violated the copyright of an entertainment company. If, because I am still searching for the truth on this one, but if we did then by all means we will purchase the movie in question. This house does not support copyright infringement in ANY FORM! Its why in the tags of this blog it always says Copyright Creative Technology & Innovation. I believe in copyright law. It protects the intellectual property of the company that created the movie in question.

That got me thinking about all the reality of the digital media world and the changes they have undergone in the past 10 years. Bloggers release ideas into Cyberspace. To a degree we are protected by Copyright law, and of course have an easy to prove reality if someone copies the exact idea. But I find at times that I get inspiration from ideas. I always credit the blog I got the original idea from when that happens. I also really try hard to credit movies and other media when I am inspired.

A great example, for nearly 30 years I have had a music device in my office. My first office was literally the living room of an apartment but it was my space. I have had something that produced music in my space since I first had that office space. For the past 3 years I had a Sonos speaker in my office, but recently with the new Alexa or Amazon Fire system I now have a speaker connected to Prime Music in my office. I like being able to change music with my voice.

How much inspiration do I get from the music I listen to? Today it is prime classical music – all of which is in the public domain so my ideas are free and clear today. But sometimes I listen to copyrighted classic rock or music that isn’t in the public domain.  Music that is still covered by copyright law.  Now we get into the tricky reality of copyright law. What I imagine based on the emotional and intellectual response I have to movies, music etc. is new and not reusing copyrighted material. If I however, actually use lines from a movie I have to quote that movie. I have to quote the song I pull a line from and I am very careful about that.

I went to every person in my house yesterday to verify that all of them understood the severity of stealing copyrighted material. I would hope, as the children of an author my children would understand that value of IP and the value of that copyright. They do, the problem is none of them apparently downloaded the infringed content. So that makes me a little nervous. Who downloaded the content.

1. I can change my Wi-FI password (and wander around the house resetting all the devices in the house reconnecting them and so on) and I may do that if I can figure out how someone jumped my signal. Right now, if you go to the edge of my property you can’t get my Wi-Fi signal. If someone has trespassed onto my property to steal Wi-Fi to illegally download a movie that one is an easy fix. I just unlock the dog door and let the dogs out to bark at anyone who isn’t where they should be.

2. I will not tolerate anyone stealing copyrighted materials. I have and do produce a lot of material. I respect the right granted by the copyright and as such if someone from my home violated copyright law I accept any fair punishment. First off its either a TV show or a Movie that was copied. At the very least even though I would never watch the movie in question we will buy that movie or the DVD copies of the TV show. This house does not condone copyright infringement.

Lastly as I end this I wonder. I’ve talked about the growing CPS concept (Cyber Physical Systems) of my image not being my image any longer. There are 100’s of devices that take pictures. They take them all the time. With or without my explicitly permission. As the owner of my image, that still bothers me.


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