What happens when the concept of broker meets the concept of #mysmartcity.

what does the broker mean

All drawings are done using Zamuri. I can honestly say when I found that iPad whiteboard program I was hooked. The new Apple Pencil just makes it that much easier to use. It is the portable whiteboard I always wanted! This image in particular talks about the broader concept of a Cloud Broker. Where brokers offer IaaS, PaaS and SaaS, note however there is a change in order. In particular the broker should enable the organizational PaaS, moving it ahead of SaaS in the deployment order for the organization. A cloud broker though, based on the concept I’ve shared before needs to be more.

There are many products on the market today that deliver the functionality in the drawing. The umbrella broker able to offer a variety of services provided by Cloud Service Providers. It creates an abstraction layer that removes some of the complexity of cloud computing.

cloud broker and market

You see brokers could be so much more. There are many shared services that have NOTHING to do with IT that the broker could aggregate. Creating an incubation and support market place for small businesses. You want to encourage the economy to grow? Encourage small and emerging businesses. The best way to do that is to create an incubation marketplace via the broker marketplace. It would be quite simple to create a catalog experience that included services beyond IT. Large format color printers could be shared. Fleets of drones could be shared. Expensive trucks and shipping could be optimized. Instead of one truck per organization, one trust shipped or one railroad car for the entire industrial park.

The Broker market place would be a huge plus for small businesses. Allowing them to support and consume services that normally during startup they couldn’t afford. This new world of incubation would potentially also decrease the failure rate of small businesses or potentially the consumption rate by larger companies of great ideas. Not every innovator is meant to create the next GE. Some innovations are meant to be pushed into other technologies to make them better.

smart city broker

#mysmartcity. So why wouldn’t cities or counties, states or even entire Countries offer a broker service and a broker marketplace as a front end for both cloud services, aggregated non-technology services and finally and potentially most important digital citizen services? A taxon consumed services allows people, businesses and organizations to each pay their fair share. A city revenue system that allows for equal taxation. Organizations that consume massive amounts of power, compute and other services pay more than those that don’t. A small business just starting would pay less than a small business with 20 employees. The city would be able to increase its tax base without unjustly increasing the tax paid by any one person.

Additionally a city could also, should also, must also offer security services within the marketplace. Managed security to reduce the risk for end points. In the case of City Marketplace end points could be city organization delivering the mission of enabling citizens, citizens and their homes and small, medium and large business. I suspect that medium and large business would not require the security service, but would contribute to them. (all images, concepts and ideas in this blog are Copyright Creative Technology & Innovation).

#mysmartcity. Services, potential and a safe place to connect to the internet. Imagine the market potential of a system designed to support and incubate small businesses, offering both the IT and non-IT services they require as they begin their journey. It takes the concept of the Shark Tank and distributes the required services to more than the 50 or so companies that can appear on Shark Tank during the season. The value of Shark Tank is access to the many services the Sharks provide. With a City Marketplace combining the non-IT and IT capabilities available in a city, the concept of incubation for small, emerging and innovative businesses will take off like never before.


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