Hey Apple, my last iPhone has an audio jack…

Produce endorsement – Seek Thermal great add-ones and stand alone Thermal imaging systems. I have the iPhone plus in and it works very well. It does however make me wonder about the future of the audio jack. Rumor is the iPhone 7 won’t have an audio jack. If that is the case, I won’t probably ever have an iPhone 7. That audio jack is the most useful CPS device jack ever.

You can plug weather stations into that jack. Just a device that has a thermometer, plus UV and other sensors. Why would apple even threaten to remove that useful component? Well cost of manufacturing would be a large factor. Plus, I suspect there is a high error rater with the audio jack. I know we’ve gone to the Apple store twice to have broken headset jacks removed. Many add-ons have moved to protocol based connections (Wi-Fi or Bluetooth) but many haven’t.

It would extend the life of the PC however, if cellular phones stopped being as expandable. People would need a laptop to go with their tablet. The laptop would offer itself as a consumable resource for the tablet. Hey it may not even be a laptop. It may just be a computer in a small wallet sized package with USB, Audio and other jacks. A Jack as a Service.

I hope this is just another rumor. They pop up every year after new products are released and during the CES show. Sources, in the know, release information about what is coming. Half the time it is wishful thinking by the analysts releasing the information. Half the time it is true or at least close to the truth. So you just never know. It would spawn a huge market for add-on audio ports.

Can’t help when music you don’t like exists the device via the audio port. Bad music is not yet a service. It is a component of a service (streaming) but not specifically a service.

The investment in devices is an interesting CPS problem. It is one that I spend a lot of time one. The first issue is that of device security. I have come to release that CPS devices would be a lot more usable with removable security components. The one thing guaranteed to change in small devices is security. If that hardware is removable more organizations and people would replace their CPS devices. Its cheaper to replace part of a device, rather than the entire device every time security standards change.

I guess, the answer to the question is quite simple. Hopefully the removal of the audio plug is a rumor. Or sadly the reality of my blog title will come to pass.