We must carry on with Dr. King’s dream for we are not yet done…

“By the contents of their minds.”

Those words have moved me, pushed me and ultimately changed me. They are the words within the second line of Dr. Kings Dream. The first line being that his children could easily walk down the street without fear. Can we do that today? Can a person regardless of anything walk down every street of our country? I wouldn’t even try to say yes. I know the the answer is no.

But that dream, Dr. King’s dream is still there. It is the dream of equality. Equal opportunity, equal access and perhaps most importantly equal education. It is Dr. King’s second line that leads us to education. The contents of their minds.

I believe in that second line with all my heart. The world is a better place if we know all the pieces in it. If we understand the path to decision. What is observed, what are the actions to be taken fro the decision. All of these things can be measured. They can be built.

Dr. King wanted us to measure people on the contents of their minds. I couldn’t agree more. But I do wish education was equal around the world. That everyone got the chance to learn and explore the wonders of the world beyond where they are. There are temples in India that are more than 3000 years old. There are buildings in China that span the entire border with Mongolia. A wall built to stop invaders. But testament as much to dreams of humans as to the will of invaders. There is tower in Italy that leans. Once Galileo Galilei stood on top and tested the theories of Newton.

John Kennedy started the Peace Corps. To bring what was known to those just beginning the path. To jump start by educating.

The Peace Corps worked. Works. Now however embroiled in a conflict, a war on terrorism we cannot remember that as clearly. The Peace Corps worked. Yes there is tremendous value in strong military deterrence. The US Military is often the first responder to horrible disasters around the world. Soldiers not asking what is the risk, but how can I help.

Equality and equal opportunity are however forever locked with education. If we teach everyone than we all know the same things. If we all know Mt. Everest is the tallest mountain (discounting of course the fact that there are volcano’s that rise from the floor of the ocean that are much taller) is there any argument? Does it matter that across the table is a person agreeing with you. Their skin darker or their eyes different color? Does any of that matter to education?

Dr. King’s second part of his grand dream was so much harder than the first part. “The contents of their minds.” What a world this could be if we would all have equal education.

We are still on the path Dr. King. Without a drum major it’s a little harder for the band to play together. But we are trying Dr. King. We are still trying…


I have a dream…