We didn’t fail, it was just we released version .05 instead of version 1.0!

There is no shame in failure. As Yoda said “do or fail, there is no try.” Its true, both in the sports, business and the life we lead. With children we often fail as much as we do. But it isn’t the act of trying that ever shapes the thoughts of our world. It is the epic failure or the great success. As most of you know I am a huge supporter of new technologies and innovations. I wander around Kickstarter and Indiegogo looking for interesting projects. I have backed projects that in looking back later, I’ve said what was I thinking. I have backed some that were simply amazing.

Innovation is about do or fail. Personally one of the Kickstarter projects that I use everyday is the Pebble Smart Watch. I love changing my watch face to suit my mood. I love the screen as a service and having information that impacts me readily available on my wrist. It is an innovation that is changing my life. Which by the way is really do at its best.  But Pebble doesn’t do without the failure of the Spot watch. (Boy did I love those watches). The Spot watch was an epic fail. That fail later birthed the smart watch by building delivering the promise in the Spot technology.

Innovations can be subtle and they can be huge. The potential of the Smart Watch was realized in the Spot watches, just not effective. The integration was with a remote system and the internet. Changes to the watch flowed slowly. I remember landing once in Singapore and the watch taking nearly 24 hours to adjust. My cellular phone was on standard Singapore time the minute I turned it on, my watch took a day. The Pebble, synced with my iPhone offers so much more flexibility. The new color Pebble’s offer an even greater pallet to work with.

Now, in the best sense of fairness,I should note that I love watches. The first expensive (at the time) watch I ever got was a Seiko that I used some of my high school graduation money to buy. I still have that watch nearly 40 years later. I also have the original Pebble Kickstarter watch, both are on display in a case in my bathroom. I also have my grandfather Andersen, and my great-grandfather Andersen’s watches on display in the living room (they are pocket watches, mine are wrist watches).

The Smart Watch or Screen as a Service gives you the ability to publish relevant information on your wrist for quick consumption. It’s a small screen so you won’t be reading Moby Dick on it, but you can quickly see who texted you or for that matter what is going on at your house (home security system feed). They can quickly displays maps, weather information, caller ID and as I said a home security feed. You can use them to watch your watch as a screen, using your cellular phone as a camera and the watch as the screen.

Frankly the Pebble is one of the projects that did. There have been a couple of other watches I backed, frankly that failed. But it’s a learning process. Plus I figure someday in the pantheon of what was the birth of the Smart Watch, someone will want to remember the ones that didn’t make it. When you chase innovation, you are backing a vision. That vision may or may not play out. As Yoda said there is no try.

Not by the way that I am advocating everyone rush to Kickstarter and Indiegogo to start backing new technology projects. There are as many epic fails there as great ideas. Its just nice to be able to get ahead of the innovation curve, to work with those projects early on and help shape what is to be.

It is important though not to forget history. Effective memories don’t only encompass success. Spot was a great watch. I loved mine, frustrated by the lack of radio reception at times, but loved the concept. Pebble takes that concept one step further and now there is an ecosystem of Smart Watches (Samsung, Apple, Pebble) and developers building nibble sized applications for the Smart Watch platforms.

My organizational system for applications. Full meal applications are built for the PC or Macintosh platforms. Bite sized applications (smaller, not the full meal) are built for the tablet’s and smart phones. Nibble sized applications are built for Smart Watches.


Pebble Fan