Upon completion of this parenting class receive a Teddy Bear for your child!

A long time writer emailed me this picture of a nanny cam. He was supporting my position that specialty camera’s are going to dominate the market. This one looks innocent but has a camera in it.

Please accept this bear as a token of our appreciation. Ignore the flashing light and the radio transmission leaving your house, that is an optical, aural and radio illusion. Smile

In fact the specialty camera market continues to expand. Personally from a security camera perspective I like the functionality offered by the Canary products (you can buy them at Brookstone now).

My emailer also pointed out there are many more forms cameras can take that we don’t think about. The goal is to make people feel like there are no cameras so they will act as they would normally. Having a drone hovering overhead remains a little unnerving today. Eventually that will become common place.

The whole world of hidden cameras brings me back to my argument – who owns my image. I think as my image is out in the world more and more the ownership lines will blur. My original argument was if I don’t commit a crime and no crime was committed in an area I was, the images should be removed. But add to that the concept I put forth in my “My Smart Camera” proposal and that gets a little harder. Part of the value there was the ability to offer the image you took “shared” with other people at an event. Professional photographers will still have the ability to capture details that 98% of people will miss, but having a 360 degree view would allow people to push an event into a VR environment. Don’t just view pictures of a concern – relive the concert in VR over and over.

In that scenario my image becomes a little harder to manage. It becomes less mine but at the same time nothing changes.

Now, there are places where hidden cameras should be illegal. Most of those we already know so I won’t spend time detailing them. They exist and frankly even security shouldn’t supersede someone’s right to personal security as they are getting dressed. We can argue that your face, based on security cameras and the Smart Camera can be freely shared, but anything else remains PII.

Part of what a Smart Camera could offer is the ability to capture a moment in a Virtual Reality mode. VR mode would be different in that it mixes still and video images together with sound. I see hundreds of uses for VR. Training alone offers any number of possible scenarios for VR. Learning how to use machinery or how to fix your washing machine with a VR image laid over your actual machine as you work, allows the mix of VR and reality.

Beyond that VR will provide so many more opportunities for people to use and interact with the Smart Camera. You could certainly create a VR system that leveraged a Cellular phone camera. But the reality of a point and shoot Smart Camera is that you can include multiple lenses. That would allow you to capture the VR scene in 3d from the get go rather than having to circle around the object to create the 3d image. VR is coming.


Smart Camera enthusiast!