Thanks for contributing to my lost cell phone collection :-)!

I got as always a great email from one of my readers. I love the emails and comments (great comments posted by a reader yesterday as well).  The comment was related to my posts on cameras pointing out that there is a new drone available that uses your cellular phone as its camera.

So first off, my reader is correct you can buy a drone that uses your cellular phone as its camera. I did point out the risk of sending your cellphone off into the wild blue yonder. As in if the drone crashes so does your cellular phone. But I would like to also point out that it is a modified cell phone that is sent into the sky via a drone.

You see there is a mount that holds your cellular device steady. You certainly can buy them (I have a couple in my house right now) today, mounts that stabilize the imaging of a cell phone camera. But to have the image stabilized you have to remove the human element. Or introduce hardware and software that minimizes the motion of hand held cameras. That is why DSLR’s take significantly better pictures. you still use the human targeting system to take the actual picture (eyes!).

A few months ago I wrote an article on CloudTweaks (you can find it here) about the concept of modular drones. It expands on the delivery drone (the month before I wrote the Pizza delivery drone piece). The concept of a modular drone allows for the replacement of the active components of a drone (camera, sonar, 3d laser mapping) in a plug and play fashion. My argument is that modular drones allow for the quick deployment of drone technology in a number of areas that sorely need drones. I think every fire trust in America and the world should have two drones on it. So while they are assessing the fire, they can fly over the roof with info-red sensors and see where hot spots are before deploying the valuable assets (fire people).

“Hi, I can’t come to the phone right now. Its currently attached to my drone and out of range of my headset. Please leave me a message and I will get back to you when I am done using my cellphone as a camera. Beep.”

Or worse, deploying a drone so you can get the picture of the entire family at the family reunion. “Ok everyone look to the sky, there the hovering drone, and smile.”

Modular drones follow on the broader concept of delivery drones. Drones that offer utility functionality that is more than just taking pictures. So yes, you can send your cell phone away via a drone. With any luck it will return safely to you. If it doesn’t please look in the mirror and say “I told you so.”


Collecting lost drone cell phones