Why the specialty market for point and shoot cameras is going to grow…

The concept of specialized point and shoot cameras is not new. Just look at the ads currently – tough, waterproof, high speed and so

on. The features and specialization is there today. The need isn’t there. But that is why I think the markets going to change back. You see as people take more and more cellular pictures they are going to want to take even more pictures. GoPro, the amazing little sports cameras go everywhere now. That special, wearable camera is sturdy and allows the user to take pictures of amazing locations. More and more people are going to want to do that.

So the specialty point and shoot camera market will continue to grow. GoPro, Olympus, Canon (the three I have owned) offer a number of solutions in the tough, wearable or small portable space that you can do virtually anywhere with them. You can buy an underwater case for your iPhone or Android phone but you will quickly find that your lens and camera ability are significantly limited compared to cameras made to be underwater.

These highly specialized cameras allow you to be 300, 400 feet above an event and still taking pictures. Steamed to your cell phone for live viewing and captured on the SD or MicroSD card in the device. People love these. The drone is here. How much longer before its also a Pizza Delivery system?

My original argument that started all of this specialized camera talk was basically that the overall point and shoot for cameras is declining. But, as people take more and more pictures with their cellular device the satisfaction with images will decline. While the existing simple, easy and low functioning market for P&S cameras will disappear – the Cellular phone replaces that completely. The new specialized cameras will allow the companies that make small cameras to simply slide into a market they already have devices in.

I grew up on a lake, well I wish I had lived next to the lake, but I grew up loving the water. I explored (with my grandfather J.) every inch of Lake Ripley in Wisconsin. I explored many inches of the much large Lake Monroe in southern Indiana with my father and a canoe. I always wondered what lie beneath. What was down below. You see when I was a kid we moved to southern Indiana. Just as they were filling in Lake Monroe. I heard of towns and farms that were buried by water. I always wondered what it would be like to explore them and see what was below the surface. Then to bring that image up to the world via my blog.

I guess the argument simply put is this. People take more pictures now because of the cellular phone than they did before. GoPro has a huge market because they offer a camera that easily goes beyond the effective safe functioning areas of the Cellular Device. That mix, taking more pictures and ultimately going where you don’t want to lose your cellular phone, creates the market for specialized cameras.


Specialized Cameras are coming.