Smart Camera, Cellular Camera in the end it doesn’t matter if no one else ever sees the image…

The rise of specialized cameras. It is actually less a rise and more a gradual replacement. What once was will again be. Cameras used to be huge, requiring planning and time. As they moved and became smaller they were more prevalent. As they became cell phones the point and shoot camera began to fade. personally the quality of cellular cameras is still not there. I see the ads, I hear the 40 megapixels. But frankly 8, 20, or 60 megapixels doesn’t matter a hill of beans if they are attacked to the hand of a person that is shaking as the image is captured.

I’ve gotten 10 emails since I first started complaining about the quality of cellular cameras. Many of them talked about the capabilities of the accelerometer and software to remove the shakes. I agree the image is much improved. Now, take a picture with a point and shoot camera at 14 megapixels. Then take one with a cellular phone around the same resolution. Put them side by side.

I am the first person to tell you that Swiss Army knives rock. I have several of them. Between Swiss Army knives and Leatherman tools I don’t have other tools in my office for the small projects I take on. Beyond however simply loosening a screw or twisting something open there are better tools. I used the example recently of sawing a tree down with a Swiss Army knife, its possible. It isn’t the smart way to do it.

Yes, cellular phones can take pictures. Yes they are in your pocket so by all means take the pictures you would have missed with the cellular phone. Share them with the world on Flickr or Photobucket. But if you need to have a great image use a Point and Shoot camera.

Personally for quality and functionality I recommend the Olympus TG-4 camera. Unlike your cell phone you can hand this to your young child. They can take pictures, drop it and wander into the pool with it. Certainly there are water proof cellular phones. But few have lenses adjusted to take picture underwater. The TG-4 does. It is an effective camera. It will do everything your cellular phone will except for the fact that it is a stand alone you have to carry it camera.


This image from the Paradise Bay resort on Oahu. Taken early in the morning as the sun rose and the sky cloudy, presented this view.

Yes, the quality of the camera matters. No, megapixels are not the answer.

As cameras get smarter and we are able to share and do more with the specialized smart camera the only missing piece will be the sharing part.

No matter point and shoot or cellular, if it just sits where you alone can see it then it doesn’t matter. Take a moment, send a picture to someone. Share.


Share, Share a picture. It doesn’t matter if its not good enough for anyone else to see (my apologies to the Carpenters).