2015–and the answer to the question why do you blog? Perhaps the better question is why don’t you blog?

My last blog of 2015. Its been a year. We spent two weeks in Hawaii continuing our 2011 decision that every vacation has to have some beach time (the value of living in Maryland – an hour to the Ocean). I averaged 13,000 steps a day for the year and managed to lose 42 pounds.

During the year I posted 365 blogs twice (two a day personal and professional). More than 50,000 people viewed my various posts. That represents about 150 per day. Sadly I can’t tell you how many unique visitors there were. My guess is there are 80 subscribers and between 50-60 regardless and 10 new people a day but I can’t confirm that.

Someone asked me once – why do you blog. First off I think everyone should blog. It is a way to record your thoughts and share them. Ideas are like moths. They are attracted to light in the case of ideas the light is other ideas. Thoughts, concepts and dreams shared have a better chance of becoming real than those kept in a dark closet and locked away.

When my father passed a year and a 1/2 ago I started writing down all my memories of him. I posted them for others to see. Not as a guide but as a way for me to work through my grief. It also leaves a mark for the world to read about my dad. About who he was. I blog about my mother, my grandfather, my wife, my children and my dogs on my personal blog. Sharing memories that I have written down. Putting them out there for others to see, argue about and enjoy.

So why do I blog? Once a long time I used to only spend time posting articles in professional journals. My goal was to be a published author, with my name above an article or short story I had written. I realized that the dream was to write. Not to publish.

Some of my blogs like the Dylan Thomas line did not go gentle into that blogosphere. They burned bright for a time. Some quietly rolled off the pages of time and were forgotten. But they are all there. Each of them reminding me of moments and thoughts.

Some of my blogs are not complete. I write three, four or even ten times. Refining an idea or concept that is critical to and for me. I have over the years created a number of Serial Stories like the English writers of the 1800’s, sharing a piece of the story every day for a week or a month.

I’ve gone on tangents that led me to interesting realities. Things I never would have spent time thinking of if not for my blog.

So the question to end this was why blog? Its part of creating an intellectual capital system. Capturing the tacit knowledge in an organization. It isn’t about being right. Its about capturing what is the person head. I think everyone should blog. It opens you to the world and lets more people in. Its beyond the simple social media and 140 character share or daily Facebook cat picture. It is a piece of you tat will live beyond you and yet remains always a piece of you.

Perhaps the better question to launch into Cyberspace, the Blogosphere, instead why do you blog is in fact why don’t you blog?


Avid Blogger…