Ah CpS reaches fish…

The internet of Fish. I have been stocking up on ideas for fishing lately (getting back into fishing more this spring). I’ve noticed the change in the number of devices available for fishing that fit into the sensor category. The number, breadth and types of fishing CPS devices are amazing.

It is exciting.

I can’t wait to try out the many CPS fishing devices.

That got me thinking about other specialty market’s that CPS will penetrate. Fishing is pretty straight forward. Sonar can be easily mounted on drones for use in the air. You can get underwater drones so you can see what the floor of the water you are fishing looks like.

Imagine what a fish thinks. First it sees this and then there is a hook. I am pretty sure if I were a fish I would not bite the hook after the seeing the drone. I might not bite the hook even if I had a chance but I know seeing something like that hovering in the water near me I would probably swim away.

Next year its going to be a CPS Christmas!