What may yet come…Or, the ghost of Christmas Future, arriving here on Christmas day.

Does technology really matter?

The easy answer to that is yes. If only for the connection between the human and the technology. People are changed by technology. Sometimes subtly over a long time, sometimes it happens overnight. Technology is as I said yesterday like a river flowing past your door. If you don’t pay attention to how fast it is moving at some point you will wake up downstream and completely lost.

Technology is a tool and enabler that helps us move forward. A way for us to shorten the gap between potential and reality. Humans use tools to make things better, technology is a tool.

So on this Christmas day of 2015 let’s look forward to technology tomorrow. What will be when we close our eyes next Christmas and wake up with a new world of technology around us.

I won’t talk about voice and motion control. Those are out there are growing every day. Rather today let’s look at the changes coming in the tablet and connection markets.

First off, the cellular phone continues to evolve and change. What is next in that market? Will there be implanted phones? (Maybe, but that is many years and a lot smaller of a device than it is now). Or will phones continue to add functionality. What don’t phones have today that would be a game changer? Is the day of portable sensor systems dawning? Or perhaps foldable phone screens?

Integration (cell-home-automation-car) is the next function of the cellphone that explodes (IMHO). Once integration takes its next step then we will see the additional sensors begin to pop up. Many cars have the additional sensors today. Eventually there will be integration with just about everything.

Will there be non-touch screen computers in the next three years? Yes, deployed but manufactured? They (touch screen) are so much easier to use regardless of OS. Will there be computers that don’t have touch screens?

Will there even be computers? As the chips in the phone get more and more powerful and we complete the initial integration project will we need computers? Or will our phones be able to share processing with the car, the house and our office? We simply have a cellphone and it connects to the larger processor when needed. Not the on demand we offer in cloud today but instead the on need of computing tomorrow. If you need more processing your phone knows where to get the additional power needed for however long it will be consumed.

Flexible processing, open integrated systems and expanded sensor capabilities are just three things that IMHO are going to come in the next 12-18 months. Beyond that it is going to be hard to see, things change quickly in the technology world.

Happy holidays to all!