Of Rivers, Change and rates…

There is a wonder when you take a moment and separate from technology and enjoy the joy of nature. Add to that the quiet rushing sound of a river and the gentle quiet that is nature. It isn’t Walden’s pond and I am not Thoreau. But it is a moment where you can forget about technology. You can release the world and drift away.

It is the balance we all seek. Where technology, humanity and the press for innovation and change slow for a moment and give us the time we need to stop, reflect and find our center. In finding our center we can begin to assimilate the changes around us.

Time slows in the woods. Or when you are outside walking. When you walk inside on a treadmill it is excursive. It is you staving off the attacks of time and the impact of the food you eat. But when you are outside it is you connecting wit the world you are a piece of. We are all pieces of the island, all pieces of the world around us and we are bound to that world.

The Eagles wrote a song many years ago now a line from that song “she pretended not to notice she was caught up in the pace” applies more now with the rate of change than ever before. We may not be pretending, but I think we often get caught up in the pace. We let the pace of change flow around us. It becomes less of a thing we notice as the change accelerates faster and faster.

The rate of change increasing around us. What was cool yesterday in the afternoon is passé now the next morning. We lose people in the the eddy’s of the river. They pause for a moment in an idyllic technology pool and stop moving forward. I am comfortable with the change rate today but I know it is not possible to be forever.

I used the relaxation of separating from technology and realizing it also described the actual rate of change. Rivers are all about flow. The rate and speed of the flow, the height of the bank and the amount of water in the River. All of those things apply to the actual water. The idyllic qualities of nature lie beyond those measureable qualities of the river. It is the connection between your inner human reflections.

The other side of why a river, is the concepts of eddy’s and pools, as well as current. The river is always moving from where it starts to where it will end. If you don’t pay attention you can end up much further along than you expect. The place where your quiet existed may be many miles behind you.