Not a review just a report on the iPad Pro experience…


I didn’t buy the iPad Air 2, not a real significant upgrade for what I had at the time (original iPad Air). I did decide to buy the iPad Pro. Significant upgrade and improvements. The screen is gorgeous. The switching process was simple and including connecting to AT&T and switching the old iPad to the new one I was up and running in less than an hour. I even choose to reinstall all the applications instead of using my backup. Not because the backup was bad rather because I wanted to evaluate the installed applications instead of installing all of them.

So why an iPad pro? First off the allure of the larger screen was significant. I have the Samsung Note Pro and I love the larger screen. I also love the S pen, so the allure of an iPad with an apple created pen was pretty high as well. I currently am using tablets form all three main competitors (Google Android, Applied iOS and Windows 10). I still use the iPad more than the other two, but the Windows Tablet is catching up. I find that I use the Samsung less and less. It is an interesting change for me (I used to use it all the time).


The screen is amazing. I played with the new Surface at the Microsoft store – it is really improved but the iPad remains a better mobile device (not as significantly as it used to be though).

On the plus for a windows tablet is the reality of applications. While I like the fact that the iPad has word, excel and PowerPoint I don’t use them for creation, I do them them to share with others.

The larger screen size does however make the iPad and amazing whiteboard. I have chased the electronic whiteboard for years, this is one more step in that direction.


(Zamuri remains my favorite Whiteboard application).

I also ordered the new Apple Pencil, it hasn’t arrived yet (two weeks out) but will let you know how that works when I get it.

I really enjoy the pen experience with the Windows 10 tablet. So far that improvement has been substantial by Microsoft! I am hoping however more for the Samsung Tablet experience, frankly they still have the best pen experience of the three so far.

I use my iPad in a lot of different ways. One of the big ways I use it is as a quick presentation device. It is also my idea station where I quickly jot down thoughts and ideas for later consumption. So far the Windows Tablet and Samsung tablet haven’t gotten to that level of easily being part of what I am doing. I suspect the new Surface and the Surface Book in particular may get a lot closer though.


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