My dream, #mysmartcity, a system of systems delivering citizen services…

“Its not how far you fall, its how high you bounce.” That was said right before I got my nickname (Doc). Yes, I was handed the character from Snow White (Doc) on of the dwarves. It was a wonderful award and as I said became my nickname.

For many years I focused on messaging system connection. Then I focused on moving companies from one type of mail system to another. Along the way I realized that moving from one mail system to another and replatforming users was well similar to what cloud was. Cloud computing is the transition from what has been to what will be.

Cyber Physical Systems represents another component of the broader cloud movement. CPS represents a System of Systems (SoS) deployed as both a stand alone SoS or as an integrated SoS (via cloud). The Internet of Things (IoT) is one iteration of an SoS implemented as a connected system.

Why bring all of that together? A smart city (#mysmartcity) represents a system. The smart city may encompass many CPS devices today (it may not, some cities are seeking a path to logical CPS deployments). Some of the CPS devices are hated (red light and speed cameras) some are loved (traffic systems that warn you of massive traffic jams).

Its why I proposed that cloud brokers move to Cities and that Cities (or Counties) provide cloud brokers services. The cost of the system can be baked into the cost of services. A city can offer services at a larger level than a smaller broker could. It becomes a citizen service that cities or states can offer (or entire countries as well). Where the broker is a value add for citizens.

From that deploying a unifying Service Catalog provides an excellent path forward. You see the value a city can bring is not only the existing infrastructure – but support for new and emerging companies.

A unification of services available for startup and existing small businesses. No more seeking and searching, you simply go to the City Broker Marketplace and find what you need. Any city can then offer incubation services for small startups. Why? Frankly the more you incubate new business the greater your tax becomes. Overtime the City Broker will replace a portion of the cities ongoing tax base with an ANNUITY revenue stream. Certainly the city won’t be able to replace all of its revenue but a significant portion can be replaced with safe annuity revenue.

Reduce the taxes, better support small businesses and create an incubation environment for cool new tech. It seems to me that the fit for City Broker and Cities is tremendous. The smart city of tomorrow (#mysmartcity) will be the city broker and marketplace.

It is easier for 5 people to manage 100 automated services than it is for 5 people to deliver 5 customer one off in person services. It always takes longer for people to interact in person than it does for people to interact with automated systems.

The more services a City can automate, the fewer people have to be traveling to City Hall to get things done. That frees up city workers to streamline additional services. The faster a city can deal with the services it delivers the more services can be delivered in less time. The more the city can automate the more it can support new and exciting businesses.

By the way want to stop brain drain? Incubate the small innovative companies that keep smart people in your city. Because #mysmartcity grows small businesses.


#Mysmartcity advocate….