Automation and home security products I hope I never see.

You can automate the actual light bulb or you can automate the switch. Either way you have automated lights you can turn on or off with the tape of a button on your cellular phone. Why would you do that? Well the easy answer is its late at night, you are coming home and so you slow down about a 1/2 mile from your house and you turn on the lights that get you into your kitchen. That way you don’t have to stumble around in the darkness to find where you are.

Automation at this point remains a personal choice. That’s because you have to take 10 minutes or more and actually install components. There is effort in the initial automation and that is a limiting factor. It is for me, because frankly it scares me to remove an electrical outlet so I have someone else do it. I don’t do electrical wiring, I let professionals handle that. 

Automated door locks give you greater flexibility. First off you can create one time codes for people (maids, repair people etc.) so they can come into your house. You can set times they are allowed in. Then that passcode is dead and they can’t use it again. You can change the passcode to your house every day if you want. Unlike a key, that once lost or copied a keypad is flexible. You don’t have to replace the lock if someone gets your code, you just change the code.

It does however require a change. You have to think about the code you set when you are entering your house. Or use your garage door exclusively and only use codes for service professionals. That way you never have to remember your front door code.

Automation presents an opportunity to make your life easier. It also presents an opportunity to reduce or increase your personal security. My father always told me “shut the gate, to keep honest people honest.”

That’s the one I don’t get. I know, because I’ve seen open gates and have closed them. I also know that when there is a gate I don’t cross the line of the gates. I am like most people a mixed bag of honesty (someone asks you do I look ok, you say yes. REGARDLESS). The gate is an emotional barrier and a security barrier.

So instead of closing the gate instead automate it. Put RFID tags or another CPS tag in all your cars so that gate opens when you cars are near the gate.

Certainly CPS devices offer home security aficionados much more capability than ever before. Short of course of having Sharks with Freaking Laser beams on their heads, but still quite impressive what you can do.

Home Security products I hope I never see:

  • Burglar Zapper, just like the bug zapper just big enough for a human burglar.
  • Auto opening home moat, only opens when you aren’t home.
    • Add 19.95 plus shipping and handling and we will throw in automated guard crocodiles (offer void in all 50 states!).
  • Home force field, again only when you aren’t home but covers your whole home.
  • Automated robotic guard dog. Doesn’t need food or water. Doesn’t get tired. Doesn’t eat poisoned meat or drugged food.

I realize this is a facetious list. But the point is that you can do more with home security. Probably more than most people will ever do. But the option exists to do more.


Wandering around the edges of automation and shutting gates behind me.